Nadege Gallas

Nadeje Gallas with DaughterStyleNest spent five minutes with mum, career woman and wife of a Premiership footballer, Nadege Gallas.

Despite being married to one of the Premiership’s most famous players, William Gallas, Nadge Gallas is certainly no WAG. Intelligent, with strong morals, a mum-of-three under seven, a flourishing career, and a great sense of humour; Nadge has certainly changed our opinion of what we thought it meant to be a footballer’s wife.

As UK director of luxury, Japanese childrenswear brand, Miki House, Nadge juggles her career with motherhood. French-born and strikingly beautiful, Nadge gave up five minutes of her time to share her style secrets, beauty must-haves and why she just can’t say no to good old bread and cheese. As well as charmingly change our opinions of that dreaded ‘WAG’ label.

Tell us a little about your role as UK Director for children’s brand Miki House.

Well, I was brought in to look after the UK’s awareness of the brand, as well as the marketing and merchandising, through a partnership with my own company LIJ Limited. LIJ is named after my three children, Leeyan, Isayah and Jayla. I truly and strongly believe in the success of Miki House – it’s a fresh, colourful, luxurious, yet casual childrenswear brand and does not compromise at all on quality.

You were responsible for bringing the label to the UK. How do you think the European and Asian childrenswear markets differ?

I don’t think the Japanese market can be included in the Asian market as such, as it’s so much more developed in its own right. The main differences however, between there and Europe are the quality and colours they use. They love bright colors and don’t hesitate on mixing them up. The Japanese are also known for making quality product which lasts a long time.

What are your favourite pieces from the Miki House Autumn/Winter collection?

The ‘Happy Friends Jeans’ for boys and girls, and an adorable faux fur white coat for little girls.

You’re a mum to three children under seven. How do you juggle motherhood and work?

I remember when Kayla was born Leeyan was only two years and 11months, and Isayah was just one. It was really hard and tiring as I was breastfeeding too, but I can’t complain as I had my mum with me for five months, and when she left I took the help of a nanny during the week. Except at the weekends as that is always family time. My husband helps a lot too, taking care of the boys, dropping them off and picking them up from school, and taking them to their after school activities. At work I try to do most of my duties in the morning so I can be with them after school. I love spending time with them, they are my sunshine.

You’ve managed to stay in perfect shape despite having three little ones. What’s your secret?

I run 10km four times a week, so basically I can eat what I want. I love eating all the time, it’s one my favorite pleasures on earth. Bread and cheese is definitely my weakness. I also ran the half marathon in May, which was a great achievement. My husband and the kids were there, supporting me and cheering me on, and I managed to raise nearly £9,000.

Miki House has opened a concession in Harrods this year. Do you take your children to the store?

Sometimes, but to be honest, as soon as they are in Harrods they just want to go to the toy department. So I try not to take them too much. But they are really proud of me, especially my eldest who always says “my mum is working, she has a shop in Harrods near the toy department!”

Do they have their own sense of style like their mum, even at a young age?

Oh yes they certainly do. Leeyan is my fashion boy, and has kind of a bad boys style – he loves tracksuits. Isayah is the smart one with nice blazers and hats. He always has a hat, he loves them and that’s the best present you can give him. Jayla is my little doll. I am so happy I had my girl at last. She knows what she wants and of course copies me.

Your husband is Premiership footballer, William Gallas, but you’re certainly not a WAG. What do you think of the ‘WAG’ culture that so many girls aspire to?

I think people have the wrong image of footballers wives, they think their life is shopping, restaurants, beauty – but they’re wrong. We are first of all wives and mothers of families, and we make a lot sacrifices for them. Most of my friends who also have footballer husbands are working, and not just for fun.  They are entrepreneurs, heads of charities, models, and marketing advisors. Many girls think about money and fame and it is sad. So I raise my children to understand that, yes money makes a difference, but love is the most important factor in life. Being happy doesn’t have a price. I’m a catholic and strongly believe in those principals, and I didn’t grow up with money so I know exactly what I am talking about.

Describe your ideal day off with the family.

My perfect Sunday would start with a French breakfast from Chanteroy, the French food shop in Wimbledon where we used to live when my husband was playing for Chelsea. And then we might go to church – we usually go twice a month. We also like going to Golders Hill Park near our house, where they have a mini zoo with reindeers, chickens, butterflies, owls, etc. Then we would have lunch at our favourite restaurant in Hampstead, The Coffee Cup. Finally, we’d go back home and chill the rest of the day.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am casual and always in practical flats. But I always add a strong, feminine edge to my casual look like a classic Chanel handbag. My failsafe look is Rag & Bone jeans, Chanel ballerina flats and a simple top or jumper.

What pieces will you be saving to pass down to your daughter, Jayla?

A dress from Galliano himself, a beautiful piece from Christian Dior bought by my husband four years ago.

What are your top three beauty must-haves?

Crème de la Mer face cream, Clarins tonic oil and face soap by L’Occitane.

You’re from France and can speak French, English and Spanish. Where are your favourite places to travel?

I love going to Africa, especially to Cameroon for the ambiance, the food, the music, and my mum’s family. I also love South America and the Caribbean, and last year I travelled to Mexico. This year I’ll be going to Thailand, the Dominican Republic and St Barthélemy. But I’m still France’s number one fan, I’ve visited most parts of the world with my dad, but nowhere is as good as home.

Finally, what’s your motto?

Try to be good to others as much as you can. It’s not always easy but it’s satisfying seeing others smiling because of you.

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