Want Your Hen Party to Go off With a Bang

Hen PartyIf you’re planning a hen party for somebody, you need to make sure that she loves it. It must go off with a bang – it’s her last night of singledom after all. Use the following tips to make sure it’s one of the best nights of her life!

Ask Friends for Help

When you and all your friends get together to plan the day together, it might just end up the best night of her life. You can all brainstorm ideas and bounce off one another, which will definitely result in a better night for her.

Set A Budget

Set a budget for the night, and make sure you consider the budget of everybody invited too. What if somebody really close to the bride can’t make it because it’s too expensive? Be considerate and sensible. Do some calculations and come up with something reasonable that suits everybody.

Ask Questions

Ask the bride questions so that you kind of know what she wants from the hen party. She might not want the traditional night out. She might want a nice lunch with her nearest and dearest. She might want a chilled tea party. You need to ask so that your hen party lives up to her expectations. You can keep other things for a surprise later on.

Step Outside of the Box

Tradition isn’t stuck to very much these days, so don’t think that you have to stick to it here. When planning the hen party, thing about whether she would want her other half celebrating with her, as many couples do that nowadays.

Make it Personal

Try to make the day as personal to her as you can. Plan things you know she’ll love. Even if you just make a playlist for her to get ready to, this will show that you’re going to a lot of effort to make sure she has a good time. It’s bound to put her in a good mood and add to the atmosphere of the day. Make sure all of the hens make an extra effort for the bride today.

Make it Fun

Make your hen party as fun for the bride as you can. Only you know her idea of fun, so make sure it’s within her comfort zone and you’re not making things too uncomfortable for her. Some hen parties can be quite rude, but if this isn’t her thing then you’ll know about it. Take some props out, play some games, but only if she’s going to be ok with it.

These tips will definitely help you to plan this hen party and make it go off with a bang. This should be one of the most memorable nights of the bride’s life, so make sure you do what it takes to create that for her. Remember, she’ll more than likely plan yours if you’re yet to get married. If you want yours to be good, you need to make hers good. Good luck and leave any thoughts below!

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