An Inside Job

Beauty Bird, Eleanor Tucker rounds up the best smoothies, shots and shakes to give you a little health kick this February.

All this cold weather, incessant biscuit eating (and, ok, I’ll admit, a fair bit of Shiraz once the kids are in bed), often leads me to feel a little lacklustre in the complexion department. And although good skincare can help, since Christmas I have been trying a new approach.

I’m all about ‘inside out’ beauty at the moment – shots, smoothies, shakes… anything that doesn’t just perk me up physically but gives me a bit of a glow, too. Here are my top five.

The lovely Geeta Sidhu-Robb, the woman behind the Nosh Detox brand, has come up with Raw Food Smoothies, which aren’t heat-treated, a process that can denature the delicate enzymes found in fresh fruit. My favourite is the Almond, Banana, Chia and Oat (£24.97 for 8), which makes a great second breakfast when you had the first one at 6am because the kids got up so early.

Nosh smoothies

Sticking with smoothies, I’ve also got a bit of an obsession with Savse Super Blue (£2.49), which is both handily stocked in Boots and my smoothie of choice for my mid afternoon slump. And by slump I mean insane craving for a biscuit. It’s cold-pressed and contains antioxidant-rich kale, spinach, beetroot, blueberries and apples. Glow-tastic.

SaVse drink

Beauty’In sponsored London Fashion Week recently so lots of gorgeous peeps were spotting swigging their beautydrink (£3.50), a kind of super-charged water, with a pod in the lid which releases vitamins, collagen, fruit extracts and minerals. It comes in eight flavours called things like ‘Happy’, ‘Balanced’ and ‘Renewed’. I like ‘Bright’ which contains pear, green tea and coconut water.

Beauty In drinks When I need a quick fix, I’ve been bypassing my eighth coffee in favour of a FTN Super Berry (£39.99 for two weeks supply).  It’s called a ‘nutraceutical wholefood drink’ and it’s like a little shot, which, according to the makers, “has been proven to help your body repair quicker by supporting the natural renewal process of your adult stem cells”. I personally use them for ‘Merlot Head’.

FTN drink

Finally, who else is obsessed by green smoothies? I make mine myself with coconut water, kale, banana, and my new magic ingredient: The Best Superfood Green Blend (£25.50) from Fushi. It contains no less than 17 superfoods together with vitamins C, Zinc and B12. The result looks like a newborn’s nappy but I haven’t had a zit since New Year so I’m OK with that.

Fushi supplement

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