Holiday Hacks: Getting the Best Price for Your Trip

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No matter who you are and where you are, you are likely to have had some plans disrupted lately. From cancelled parties and events, to postponed holidays, and closed schools and workplaces, there is a big effort going in to ‘flatten the curve’ and help everyone to stop the spread of the coronavirus. There is no getting away from the fact that, although necessary, change is hard and confusing, and a lot of disappointment can come from not knowing what is going on or when ‘normal’ will return.

If you have had travel plans cancelled or postponed, then you may be thinking about where to go next, when it is safe to do so again. Now is the perfect time to get planning, so that when you’ve got the go ahead, you can just go right ahead and book. But how can you get a good deal on travel, especially when it is likely that prices are going to increase? Here are a few tips and tricks to help.

Use comparison sites

When you’re first planning out where to go, it is best to have a look at comparison sites, to see how much things are costing. You can compare different destinations on the same dates, or even compare flight prices on sites like When you use comparison sites, even if you don’t book on them, it helps you to see what deals are out there, and if you are paying the ‘standard’ price for something. You don’t want to get ripped off!

Voucher codes

So much of our travel is booked online these days, so it almost goes without saying that there will be some voucher codes to be found online, for the sites that you are using. If you look at a specific voucher code site like and search for travel, you can see what codes are out there to use, to make sure that you can grab a bargain. Anything from a 10% discount off hotel bookings to adding a piece of checked luggage can make a difference. So make sure you look for a voucher code online before you purchase anything relating to your trip.

Clear your cookies

If you are someone that books online, then it does make a difference to clear the cookies on your computer browser when you’re looking online. These cookies are the data that gets stored every time you click on a website. If you’ve been looking for flights to New York, for example, and then go on Facebook, you are likely to find some specific adverts on the sidebar about flights or New York. This is the work of cookies. 

If you clear the cookies, then you can make sure that the websites that you want to use for your holiday don’t put their prices up, because they know you are looking for something in this area. Yes, really. It happens. So go to your browser settings or look up online how you can clear cookies, and then it will be like you’re booking from a blank slate, helping to keep prices low.

Sign up to flight deal sites

There are a few sites online that help you to get some really bargain flights and some one-of-a-kind deals. These websites will send out alerts to people, when a specific flight is found (hello, going to the Caribbean for under £400, for example). But you have to be signed up to these sites to be in with a chance of getting the deal. So get registered. These kinds of sites also have premium options, where you do pay a monthly fee. If you’re super keen to bag yourself a bargain deal, then although it is a paid option, it could make a difference. 

Book to go midweek

There are a lot of people that keep an eye on the travel industry, and the trends that are there and the trends that are relevant. It has been found time and time again that you’re going to get a much cheaper flight if you book to go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, in the middle of the week. The same kind of thing applies to cruises as well. They have been found to be at their cheapest when they leave on a Thursday. It does make sense, as people want to book to go at weekends to reduce the time that they take off work. But if you can be flexible and have a lot of work time to use up, then it can make a big difference. 

Collect air miles

One way of booking your holiday, that can make a difference to the price, is using air miles. The good thing about air miles is that they can be collected by just doing the things that you would normally do. You can get an airmiles credit card, for example, and then just get the points for the things that you normally spend on, such as groceries and petrol. Then when you need to book a flight, you’ve got them there ready and waiting. The only downside is that it does limit who you can fly with. BA air miles are going to work on BA flights, of course. So there can be a little less choice. Something to think about.

Alternative accommodation

It can be a small thing that can really add up, and that is where you are staying when you go away. So don’t forget that there are a variety of different kinds of accommodation that you could choose from these days. There will be one of them offering a bargain price! You could stay in a home of a local, if you’re backpacking, for example. You could use sites like Airbnb for staying somewhere a little further out in a city like New York, for example. You could stay in a hotel if there are deals on, or think about a B&B in the countryside. Don’t just presume that you have to stay in a hotel when you go away. There are a variety of choices for you, so shop around. 

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