How to Book the Ultimate Holiday Trip in Style

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Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok – they have all changed the very face of travel. They are attributed with massive influxes of tourists to previously unknown destinations in ways that surpass the previous rush after a prominent movie is released. People want to see the world, and with social media, the windows to the world and beyond are truly infinite.

More than that, social media has offered everyone the ability to be a star in their own lives. To live out an instance where they are beautiful, stylish, and enviable. It allows you to build a narrative about yourself that you have always dreamed of: to finally live like the models in a magazine. In many ways, this is a good thing. Feeling good about yourself is always a great thing, which is why on your next holiday you should follow this guide to do it in style:

First Thing’s First – Planning Your Trip

Before you can pack a suitcase, you need to know what you will be getting up to. A small city trip where you wander around a new city for a weekend will require an entirely different travel wardrobe than one where you explore the deserts around North Africa on one of the unforgettable Egypt holiday packages. Have your entire trip planned – including excursions – so that you can pack appropriately for the destination and the activities.

Knowing what you will be doing every day on your trip and where you will be staying is a great way to enjoy any trip. It also means you can be very specific about what you pack so that you always look great and still are ready for whatever it is you are doing on the day. You won’t have to try to hike in flip flops or be forced to wait outside a holy place because you didn’t pack the right clothes.

  • Understand the cultural laws of where you are travelling
  • Plan outfits with as few items as possible
  • Choose breathable fabrics
  • Use vacuum-sealed bags to reduce space

Tips for Packing Accessories

Accessories are another thing to consider when travelling.

1.    Opt for Zero Waste Toiletries

Zero waste toiletries, like shampoo bar soap or toothpaste tablets, are becoming increasingly popular. Where they really shine, however, is when you travel. These solid options don’t apply towards your liquid limit, meaning you can bring more creams or makeup you couldn’t otherwise.

2.    Reef Safe Products

If you plan on swimming, you should double-check to ensure everything you are bringing is reef safe. Sunscreen, in particular, is a huge destroyer of reefs, but thankfully you can buy and stock up on reef-safe options in advance.

Be Realistic with What You Are Going to Do

If you don’t have an option to swim, then there is no reason to bulk up your space with swimming gear and towels. Know what you are going to do, be realistic about what you need, and you’ll be able to pack light (and save space for those must-have souvenirs and impulse buys!).

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