zumba dvdsIt’s the exercise craze taking the world by storm and StyleNest have joined in.  Lose weight and tone up to the South American beats. 

The South American-based dance class is a fun-filled fitness group.  The words merengue and salsa may instantly put you off, but this is a dance class even for those with two left feet.

We decided to ease ourselves in and review the DVD before braving a class.  We tried out the Zumba Fitness Basics DVD and after just one workout, we were sold.

The DVD begins by taking you through all the basic steps you will need to know for the routine.  And once broken down and marked out, they were surprisingly easy to pick up.  Some styles are much easier than others, however: the raga moves are by far the trickiest.

Once you’ve mastered them you move on to the 20-Minute Express, a great cardio workout for time-pressed mums.  All the steps you have mastered are pieced together to create a fun and upbeat workout.  You barely notice that you have broken a sweat.

Also in the Zumba collection is the Cardio Party and Sculpt & Tone and Zumba Live.  With four different DVD workouts, you won’t ever get bored and tired of the same routines.  You’ll be merengue-ing around the house in no time.

To get dancing, visit http://www.zumba.com.

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