Top 5 Home Gym Trends of 2022

Due to the covid 19 lockdowns and safety recommendations, our exercising habits have been badly affected. We all miss outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, walking and jogging. No matter if you are a healthy person or a convalescent, your lungs need to breathe with full capacity, and your muscles need to stay strong, so you have to choose exercises that suit you and your condition the best. We present some of the home gym solutions suitable for you.

Walkolution treadmill desks

Walking is the easiest way to exercise, no matter your shape or physical readiness. If you happen to be working from home and you really do not have enough time for a walk, you can always make use of a good treadmill. One of the best products currently on the market is this desk treadmill from Walkolution. The MT300 NEW WORK is a silent and very compact treadmill and it is the most affordable one. You can easily position it near a standing desk, because no desk is included, only the standing aid or a handrail. If you opt for this treadmill, you can choose which of the two options it will include. There are the MTD800R ÄRA and the MTD700R WANDERLUST that also come with a very silent and compact treadmill workspace, but they have an integrated desk which is adjustable.

Exercise bikes

Another very effective form of exercise is cycling. Exercise bikes are one of the most popular tools for at-home exercise. They bring lots of benefits, like cardiovascular exercise. And, as we all know, cardio is a very effective form of aerobic exercise that burns through calories, without hurting your joints. You can use an upright bike or a recumbent bike, depending on your preferences.

That being said, here are some main recumbent bike vs upright bike differences to consider.

Exercising on an upright bike is quite similar to riding a regular outdoors bike, except there is no wind, no dust and no traffic. You sit upright, with your hands on the handlebars, pedals below you.


  • It is very similar to riding an ordinary bike
  • There is no added pressure on your joints
  • It works abdominal muscles
  • It activates upper body and arms
  • It occupies less room
  • It is cheaper
  • There are more models available


  • The seat is not always comfortable
  • It is not very supportive if you have poor balance

On the other hand, a recumbent exercise bike allows you to sit comfortably and relax. It is very supportive to your back, and your arms will be in a more relaxed position. You pedal with your legs in front of you.


  • There is no added pressure on your joints,
  • They are good for people with poor balance
  • The seat is comfortable
  • They support your body properly
  • They can be used hands-free
  • They enable longer exercising sessions due to the level of comfort they offer
  • They help exercise glute muscles


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Occupy more room
  • Burn fewer calories

Whichever you choose, make sure that you level your bike so it is absolutely stable. Choose the place where there is nothing to stand in your way when you are getting on or off your bike, or while you are pedalling. Adjust the bike according to your height, so that you can sit comfortably. Make a plan for your exercise timing so that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying and getting the most out of your routine.


Aside from eating healthy, you also want to ensure you stay strong and fit. Floe is a simple, backless bench with storage that is stocked with all the stuff needed in the gym, such as a medicine ball, a yoga mat, foam rollers, kettlebell, etc. It has an extendable viewing stand for iPads and similar gadgets, so that the user can follow various workouts at home. Once you’re done exercising, you can simply store it away as it transforms into a nice-looking bench.

The TechnoGym Bench

The TechnoGym Bench is what you’ll need if you’re looking for a complete workout and exercise at home. It gives you the opportunity to do different exercises without taking too much space, which makes it a perfect choice for small apartments and similar living spaces. There is a training kit included with more than 200 body workouts and different tools, such as training mats, elastic bands, weighted knuckles and hexagon dumbbells.


In the end, we have the CLMBR, which is designed to provide an intense workout to every single muscle in your body. It is a combination of an elliptical trainer, bench-press, and a stationary bicycle. It features elements of cardio dancing, HIIT training, and rock-climbing. The CLMBR occupies some 3×3 feet and is vertically oriented, which makes it quite practical and easy to store when not in use. Due to its upright position and gravity, exercising on The CLMBR will make your workouts more intense and effective.

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