Fortnum & Mason Pumpkin Carving

Luxury food and beverage store, Fortnum & MasonFortnum & Mason Pumpkin Carving are hosting a Pumpkin Carving Competition to give locals the chance to show off their skills for the whole of London to see.

There is no denying that everyone loves a good pumpkin carve-off, but how about carving a pumpkin for the whole of London to see and not just your neighbours.

The Pumpkin Carving Competition will give both children and adults the chance to test their creative skills on Wednesday 31 October and the winners’ pumpkins will be displayed in the Fortnum’s Piccadilly windows.

The Children’s Competition will allow kids aged 10 and above to showcase their pumpkin in the Demonstration Kitchen between 3-5pm. Ghoulish treats will be on offer and the winner will be presented with a crate of Splendid Sweets. The adult will take place between 6-8pm on the Ground Floor Gallery restaurant where the winner will be presented with a Fortnum & Mason hamper worth £1000.

The panel of judges will include Simon Burdess Trading Director at Fortnum & Mason, Xanthe Clay food writer, Sophie Goodwin from Tatler magazine and Carl Warner foodscape British photographer. Participants will be judged n skill, scariness, creativity and luminosity.

Ticket Price: £10 for adults only, with proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust. Children’s tickets are free. But all entrants must sign up beforehand in order to be considered, and there will be a carving area on the Lower Ground Floor to allow last-minute alterations. To enter please telephone 0845 602 5694

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