Fortnum and Mason Halloween

F&M Pumpkin BagFortnum and Mason Halloween promises to be spook-tacular, with a fantastic selection of spooky treats.

Fortnum and Mason, purveyors of the finest food hampers around, have produced a selection of Halloween themed treats to get you in the mood for a spook-tacular month.

Starting with what Fortnum and Mason do best, their hampers, they have not disappointed with their vast selection of spooky confectionary packaged in their signature wicker hampers. The Wicked Wicker has been painted in black and is filled to the brim with treats including white chocolate eyeballs filled with raspberry fondant, bat-shaped biscuits and white chocolate skulls. This delectable selection sounds good enough for both adults and kids alike and will provide the perfect accompaniment to an adults-only Halloween bash.

The pumpkin bag is perfect for kids as it doubles up as a handy container for the masses of sweets and chocolate they will no doubt collect whilst trick-or-treating. Filled with jelly sweets and lollipops, chocolate exploding toads and a chocolate witch’s hat filled with fizzing popping candy, there is enough here to keep your little ones quiet for more than just an evening.

If you want to add a touch of Halloween festivity to your household, or impress the throngs of trick-or-treaters heading your way, Fortnum and Mason also have an enticing, if spooky selection of edible treats. The fresh-jellied brains may sound slightly goulish, but are actually sweet, squidgy and so delicious. Perfect for a kean trick-or-treater.

The sparkling skull is a more adult chocolate treat, covered in an edible bronze coating, which tastes absolutely delicious. Likewise, the exploding toads are an absolute taste sensation. Handmade from Valrhona milk chocolate and filled with popping candy that explodes and fizzes as you eat, these toads make for a surprising but rather delicious experience.

Visit Fortnum and Mason’s website to see their full range of spooky treats.

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