The Conran Shop Unveils Conran Juno

Conran JunoA unique design with a motivating purpose, the new Conran Juno embodies modern day needs with modern day style.

The Conran Shop is launching the first ever ride-on toy, which stimulates the development of motor skills. With contemporary and classic at the forefront of the Conran code of honour, this new ride-on toy certainly delivers just that. The Conran Juno, due to launch this April is exclusive to the Conran Shop and is suitable for children of one year (or when an infant can stand independently) up to two and a half years.

Created by British company Early Rider, the Conran Juno is crafted from light hardwearing nylon with a foam-sculpted saddle. Priced at £65.00, the Conran Juno is simplistic in design and streamlined in form with a practical purpose. Available in white with a grey centre panel and natural wood handlebars, the Conran Juno is a ride-on toy made to the highest quality. Easy to operate, the Conran has two options which can be applied; stable – which allows the bike to operate as a ride on and unstable – which acts as a bike, but one an infant cannot fall off. It assists in keeping your tot upright by developing their motor skills.

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