How Is A nato Watch Strap Made?

Leaving the house without your wristwatch feels incomplete. Wearing a wristwatch has been a part of your daily routine before leaving the house. You’ll be fixing yourself, wearing decent clothes, fixing your hair, put on make-up, if any, wearing your shoes, and of course, wearing your wristwatch. 

Wristwatches aren’t limited to leather and metal. NATO watch straps are all the rage as it’s the most popular and most liked watchstrap for most watch enthusiasts as they can use it for any type of watch they have. You can easily find them on your local watch stores at a NATO strap store for more comprehensive options.

What is a NATO Watch Strap?

A NATO watch strap is a watch strap composed of two nylon fabric, 20mm in width, and a chrome-plated brass buckle and keepers.

With a NATO Strap, it provides a double wrap under the watch case to ensure that it’ll stay attached to your wrist for as long as possible. Unlike other types of watch straps that only connect to your watch case’s ends, the NATO watch strap provides double protection and attachment that’ll help keep the strap attached to your watch’s body.

How Is A NATO Watch Strap Made?

The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) has launched the NATO watch straps after World War II to help the British Military of Defence (MOD) in 1973. Developing the watch strap helps the military to have a sturdy watch strap that’ll be reliable while they’re on the field.

Before the NATO watch strap has gained its name, it’s initially called a “G10 band” in 1973 and turned into “G10 straps” after some time. There’s only one available colour of the strap which is Admiralty Grey and has a standard width of 20mm.

The regular metal, leather, and rubber straps aren’t sturdy enough and can eventually break after a few uses. With a NATO watch strap, the military can have a watch on their wrists that’ll guarantee that it’ll stay on their wrists as long as possible as manufacturers designed them to be sturdy and secure.

Over the years, the NATO watch strap keeps on innovating to meet the needs of the military. The buckles and keepers have lost their shiny look, for it can expose soldiers in position while on the field. As time passed, the troops asked to create different colour options aside from grey and requested military green and other colourful straps that honours their corp colours.

Why Should You Have A NATO Strap?

You’re not from the military and you might be thinking why you’d be needing to have a NATO watch strap. Listed below are the points that’ll encourage you to switch to NATO straps for your everyday wrist strap:

  • James Bond Did It

If you’re a fan of James Bond, you’ve probably seen Sean Connery, and Daniel Craig wears a NATO watch strap in the movie, allowing the NATO watch strap to be iconic and widespread over the years. Who doesn’t want to be as cool as James Bond?

  • Effortlessly Interchangeable

If you’re the type of person who likes to have different kinds of watches that’ll match your outfit every day, going for a NATO strap watch would be the perfect fit for you. With a NATO watch strap, you can easily interchange straps with different colours and designs that’ll allow you to match your look.

  • Wide Color Options

Along with being able to interchange the NATO watch strap easily, it’ll be unnecessary if you frequently change them up when you’re only using the same colours over and over again every day. With a NATO watch strap, you have a wide variety of different colour options that’ll allow you to play around with different colours and designs to help you match your outfit or mood for the day.

  • Durable

The main reason why you should probably be getting a NATO watch strap is because of its durability feature. Since NATO has designed this watch strap for military purposes, you can ensure that they’ll come sturdy and will last you for a long time, making your purchase to be completely worth it.

  • Properly Secured

Aside from being durable, a NATO watch strap also attaches to your wrist securely so you wouldn’t have to worry about your watch falling off your wrist.

If you’re afraid that it’ll be too tight on your wrist, fear not, for the NATO watch strap is entirely adjustable but can still promote maximum security on your wrist at the same time. Just make sure that you’re not placing it too loose on your wrist so it’ll not slide off.

  • Affordable

Of course, with all of the great benefits a NATO watch strap offers, this is still completely affordable even with the best NATO straps out there. You can easily swap straps to any colours that you like without burning the bank! That’ll surely make your outfit matching a lot more comfortable and affordable at the same time.


If you want to have a durable, secured, and affordable watch strap, you could never go wrong with the NATO watch strap. A NATO watch strap will surely last you for years, and you can easily change colours depending on your mood and your look. Lastly, you can have the look of a James Bond watch without having to spend a ton!

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