Fashion Tips to Take Your Everyday Style to the Next Level

“What should I wear today?” is one of the most common daily difficulties that all women face. Even after an hours-long search of the closet, the selection doesn’t come close to what we have imagined. Everyone knows their comfort zone, apparel wise, but once in a while, we all crave a style shift. The transition of style can come as a daunting task, with a doubtful mindset and disproportionate anxiety levels. Everyone fears fashion fiascos, but with the right attitude, everything can overcome. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to experiment and go for bold fashion choices. Remember, you’re the master and rules maker of your style. 

Here are a few fashion tips to help you elevate your everyday day style to the next level. 

Get inspired

A visual epiphany inspires most changes. As someone who has worked first-hand with tier A-brands, Pierre-Yves Roussel, former CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, advises that diversifying your surroundings can inspire the fashion mind. This means that we can seek inspiration in a plethora of random places: fashion magazines, (old) movies, museums, and abstract patterns. Even a sofa pattern sometimes pushes the right into the trigger. 

Inspiration is an essential step because it helps the perception shape an idea into a well-cultivated look. Allow the hues and patterns to draw a mental scenario that your taste will see fit. Step by step, the eye learns to seamlessly recognise the fashion enhancements that your style needs to become polished. 

Be bold with new elements

Boldness opens new fashion horizons. It doesn’t always mean making radical changes to elevate your fashion style, but somewhat small changes that would draw the style closer to a standout. For example, yellow is a bold and scary colour at the same time, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be worn in a flattering way. Try incorporating the colour with accessories, purse, or shoes at first. That way, you’ll add a pop of coluor to your outfit and will give your look some vibrancy. 

Patterns give the same refreshing sensation when applied as well. Stripes, floral, polka dots, checkers, houndstooth – all of them easily capture fashion momentums. The possibilities are endless when you approach fashion with an open mind.

Colourful patterned socks are a great way to emphasise your style, authenticity, and uniqueness. Hipsters have taken socks to a whole new dimension by incorporating cool shorts, stylish sneakers, and a simple shirt. There are so many colours, patterns, and designs when it comes to socks that you basically can find the right ones for every outfit you imagine. Since socks are a bare necessity, the best way to have a limitless supply of socks delivered to you is by making a sock subscription. Besides, the best thing about socks is that there isn’t such a thing as having too many socks. 

Comfortable Can Be Stylish 

If you think comfortable can’t be stylish, then you can’t be further from the truth. There are a million ways you can wear trendy, comfortable pieces that make you feel great in your own skin but look stylish as well. 

The best thing about comfy style is that it can be worn almost anywhere. Take, for example, joggers. They look amazing when paired with some stylish sneakers, a statement bag, and a cool t-shirt. You can wear this style when going for a walk, for coffee or when going shopping. Some types of joggers can even be paired with heels and an elegant shirt for a night out in town. Trust us that you’ll look effortlessly beautiful and might even receive a few compliments on this style. 

We often fall in love with specific trends and wanna wear them so badly, but they just don’t make us feel confident in them. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you if you learn how to tweak some styles in a way you can actually wear without being insecure. 

For instance, if you find denim shorts trendy, but don’t feel comfortable with showing skin much, opt for a piece with longer pant length. The same goes for ripped jeans, crop tops, or every trend that comes in the future – don’t alienate the concept, optimise it at your comfort instead. Comfort will always stay trend-forward. 

Accessorising is the key

Accessories are the right way to “season” a look. You can go overboard with them and choose a bold, statement jewellery piece, or you can opt for a more neutral, elegant detail. Most of the time, one excellent piece of jewellery does the trick, and there is no need to add extra bling. 

Charm necklaces are all the hype right now, but if they are not your cup of tea, then stick with some classic pieces that never go out of style. Recently, necklaces with a cross on them are becoming more and more popular, and so many fashion influencers are wearing them. They come in different colours and designs, which practically means there’s a suitable choice for everyone. 

For instance, the titanium cross necklace is the “evergreen” of accessories – versatile, trend-forward, and timeless. It pairs excellent with sports clothes, combines well on casual dresses, and if matched well, it can elegantly complement another necklace piece. Most of the titanium cross necklaces are made of stainless steel, which makes them a suitable jewellery choice even in humid environments. 

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a pair of bold earrings. Hoops, chandeliers, or over-the-top stud earrings – all choices are fashion daring. 

If you want something that matches almost any outfit and is totally elegant, go for a bangle and simple hoop earrings. 

Keep the balance

Balance here applies to multiple proportions: avoiding over-matching, an overload of different patterns, and overpaying. In other words, the style transition needs to be versatile for match and use and kind to the pocket.

Avoiding over-matching is among the first steps in the style-transition guidebook. When experiencing new colours and patterns, many of us tend to match in the same colour/pattern two or more elements in the look. This makes the fresh element become a campy abundance, rather than a novelty to the style. Try to incorporate the novelty in a subtle, but elegant manner: either with a single, big-piece presence or with two smaller details (shoes and purse, necklace and shoes, scarf and belt, etc.). 

Another important thing to be mindful of is the ability to wear a particular piece in a bunch of different combinations. This means it has to be a piece that is easy to mix and match in a variety of different styles. A perfect example here is the all-white sneakers. They provide the ultimate comfort of wear and expand versatility. That way, you will have the chance to create a million different fashion combos that will look brand new each time. 

Lastly, remember that an elevated and polished style doesn’t have to empty the wallet. Expensive clothes are not a guarantee that you’ll look stunning. When you have a sharp eye for fashion, even thrifty shops can be helpful.  

Stick to originality

This is absolutely the best way to take your everyday day style to the next level. Instead of copying or recreating certain looks, try to come up with a unique merge of patterns and colours. Show off a trademark combination that will be a reflection of your signature preferences. Being the unique protagonist of your style always receives a fashion seal of approval. Fashion never fails to honour originality in taste.

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