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Shavata Eyebrow ThreadingGet the perfect arch at Shavata Brow Studio.

Brows have become somewhat of a hot topic in the beauty industry recently, with everyone from Kate Middleton to Cara Delevingne sporting a strong, more natural shape in the eyebrow department. However, as with most ‘natural’ looking beauty trends, there is a certain amount of grooming that needs to take place, so we headed to one of Shavata’s nationwide Brow Studios in search of the perfect arch.

We visited Shavata’s founding Brow Studio at Harrods’ Urban Retreat, but you’ll also find them all over the country in a host of department stores – most notably House of Fraser, who have 13 nationwide studios from Edinburgh to Bristol. Founded by Shavata Singh, the eponymous brow expert prides herself and her team on being the UK’s leading authority on brows, shaping and grooming the foreheads of women (and many men) to perfection.

Our brow therapist was warm and welcoming but was running a little late due to the jam-packed appointment schedule – we recommend you give yourselves an added 15 minutes to your booking as Shavata Studios tend to get very busy. Once in, we talked through the shape we wanted and looking at the therapist’s perfectly defined brows, we knew we were in good hands.

Shavata specialise in a threading technique which is much kinder to the delicate eye area than waxing or plucking, as it only pulls at the hairs, not the skin -meaning you’re less likely to come out with red, angry looking peepers. Based on an ancient Indian technique, threading works by tying two pieces of cotton together. Twisting the thread and working it along the brow removes the hair quickly and accurately. We’re not going to lie, the process is quite painful (especially if like us, you’re a threading virgin), but as the therapist can be much more precise than with wax or tweezers, the treatment is really quick, never lasting any longer than 10-15 minutes. One of the greatest benefits of threading too, is that if done regularly the hair follicle is weakened meaning over time the hair grows back much finer and sparser. This means the regrowth can take up to four weeks longer than usual so you don’t have to visit the studio as often than if you were having a waxing or tweezing treatment.

The ten or so minutes flew by and once finished the therapist rubbed some soothing gel over the area which subsided any irritation. Our eyes looked more defined and our makeup in general looked more polished even though it was five in the afternoon and we hadn’t reapplied for a good nine hours. Our brows had a perfect arch following their natural shape, and the thickness was strong but groomed, giving us an overall more put together look.

If you’re a fan of a smokey eye or a glamorous retro eyeliner, well-defined brows are a must and are certainly achievable with Shavata’s expert knowledge and techniques. If you can grin and bear a little discomfort for a few minutes, you’ll be a threading convert in no time.

Shavata Brow Studio eyebrow threading is priced at £17. Other facial threading, eyelash extension and brow and lash tinting is also available at 20 locations nationwide.

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