How to Buy Hard to Find Cosmetics

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Often we like to find something a little different from the norm. Us girls like to show is a bit of glamour and to stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is with our cosmetics. One of the issues that many of us find regularly is not having something unique to us. If we bring out a little of the detective in us, we can find rare and unique options that will have our pals spinning a spiral of jealousy.

Independent Suppliers

The beauty of the current business marketplace is that it is easier than ever for small traders to start up, and create products that are bespoke to you, or simply small runs. We are more used to seeing this type of thing with crafts and fashion. Platforms such as Etsy are huge and are well known to get fantastic fashion and accessories. But these places also have sections for cosmetic items. Small operators come in a variety of business types, some are part-time working from home while others have small manufacturing premises or shop. Keep this in mind when ordering from small businesses as they can’t always ship the next day, unlike some of the larger retailers. But buying these items ensures you are getting something that every girl on the street isn’t wearing. Independents are often they are marketing to a niche that could include ethical and environmental considerations.

Foreign Markets

The world has become smaller with the internet allowing us to buy items from all corners of the globe. This is great for consumers looking for something a little different, but one issue with this is that it means those looking for something a bit unique need to search that little bit harder. Gone are the days where a holiday to the USA means we can easily find a huge number of items unavailable in the UK. But if we know what we are looking for, there are still exciting brands that are not readily available elsewhere. Two amongst this list jump out; Glossier’s concept of specifically producing makeup that is kind to the skin and Pixi by Petra and their anti-cruelty ethos.

One issue that commonly comes up with buying more niche brands from the states is that they don’t always offer international shipping. Some companies will order various items to a US shipping address and then package them to be sent to you anywhere in the world. Research the company thoroughly, as finding a firm that charges no sales tax will make things easier, especially if moving across borders.

Limited Editions

Even if you are brand-loyal to a particular UK or global brand, there are always limited-edition products that emerge from time to time. To be first in line for these products, make sure you keep track of announcements from your preferred brands. They are all on Twitter and other social media, making this easy to track.

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