Bobbi Brown Relaunch Discontinued Colours

Bobbi Brings Back: Lip ColorMiss your favourite Bobbi Brown lip shades? We’re pleased to announce the cosmetics brand have relaunched discontinued lip colours with Bobbi Brings Back: Lip Color campaign.  

This autumn, Bobbi Brown will see the rebirth of six discontinued lip shades in collaboration with the social media campaign, Bobbi Brings Back: Lip Color.

The Bobbi Brings Back Lip Color campaign is only the beginning of the return of the brands most adored and loved products with plans to continue to reintroduce more discontinued products in the future. 21 years ago, Bobbi Brown first launched her brand with a range of ten lipsticks and to celebrate this, the Bobbi Brings Back campaign launches with Bobbi’s coveted Lip Colors.

The social media campaign have gathered votes from Facebook, earning the most votes from Bobbi Brown UK to bring back the classic Lip Color shades Blush, Tulip, Wine, Clove, Tuelle Brown and Scarlet for a limited time.

Bobbi Brown Facebook fans will be available to purchase the limited edition collection via an fCommerce tab. The reintroduction of discontinued shades came about when Bobbi Brown shoppers kept asking the brand to bring back their favourite colours.

The creamy, semi-matte lipsticks gives your lips full coverage in one simple stroke. The high pigmented colour offers a saturated finish and the moisturising formula ensures your lips stay conditioned for longer.

StyleNest’s Top Tips: For a modern, kissed-off look, simply dab the colour on with your finger or for a more defined evening look apply from the stick and pair with a lip liner. Use a lip brush for a more professional application and begin at edge side of lips, working your way to the centre. Finish with a lick of lip gloss for a lacquered look.

The six Lip Color collection will be available throughout October exclusively on the Bobbi Brown Facebook page and will then be available on the Bobbi Brown Cosmetic e-commerce site until December 31.

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