Blur My Lines

Eleanor Tucker, StyleNest’s in house beauty guru takes us through her top five busters for pesky forehead wrinkles.

I am more than happy with the fact that when I raise my eyebrows, my forehead turns into a field of furrows – surely that’s what skin is meant to do? But I’m not so keen on the fact that when I return my eyebrows to their normal position, a few of these furrows remain.

But I’ve no intention of doing anything needle-based about it, so instead I’ve been investigating some skincare that can help me out. Especially now that the warmer weather means I can’t pull a hat down over the offending creases.

Here are my top five forehead line-busters.

First up is this little gem from Murad. Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles (£65) comes in a pen style format and is super-easy to apply on specific creases without overloading. This is specifically a skincare product for long-term wrinkle-busting, there is no ‘immediate effect’. But I’ve really noticed that thanks to the retinol and hyaluronic acid, my forehead lines are less noticeable.

murad wrinkle treatment

Sepai TUNE IT: V6.10 Relax Like anti-ageing facial extract (£36) uses a powerful peptide that inhibits muscle cell contraction, so it’s like a kind of natural botox I suppose. You don’t put it straight on, you add this (like the other ‘TUNE IT’ syringes in the range) as a booster to your moisturiser. I like.

Sepai treatment and syringe

Formula Advanced Cosmetox+ Wrinkle Decrease Line Filler (£15) is a great purse-friendly option if you want to get a long lasting skincare approach to line-erasing, but also need that instant blurring effect. I really rate this. It’s a peach-toned, thick cream but it’s not greasy and it’s easy to add a tiny amount to the line in question. A noticeable instant effect and definite longer-term improvement too.

anti-wrinkle beauty product

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Targeted Wrinkle Filler (£14.99) is the same idea – an instant ‘filler’ effect, with longer-term benefits, this time from purified bee venom and manuka honey. A light cream, I like dotting this one around my crow’s feet too.

Manuka anti-wrinkle beauty product

Finally, something that’s is more in the ‘makeup’ department: MAC Prep+Prime Line Filler (£16). This is pro stuff and works really well although you need to get the hang of it. It comes out as a thick white cream but dries to invisible. It’s my night-out go-to: dabbed on over foundation it really does seem to be like waving a magic wand over the furrows.

MAC prime and prep

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