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With the seasons changing, we often find ourselves wanting to reinvent ourselves for the winter. This winter, add some copper tones to those brunette locks or warm those blonde tresses for a fresh look. StyleNest have teamed up with Daniel Galvin Colour Director Liz Edmonds to bring you the ten essential top tips for Hair Colouring.

The Daniel Galvin salon was first opened on 1977 and was Europe’s first specialist colour salon. Galvin pushes boundaries using revolutionary techniques and introducing at-home products for women.With fifty years in the industry, and both a grandfather and father for hairdressers, hair colourist specialist, Daniel Galvin certainly knows a thing or two about hair.

Daniel Galvin has transformed the hair colour industry, starting with the technique of “brickwork” which he used on Twiggy and is a technique still used to this day. Daniel has experimented with silk and nylon dyes as well as natural ingredients such as black coffee and lemon juice. Daniel Galvin works with finding hair colour to match eye colour, skin tone and hair pigment.

Daniel Galvin DownstairsTip 1.

Choose a shade of colour no more than two shades lighter than its original hue.  Remember that the hair you were born with complements your natural colouring so it’s a good idea to stick within the same colour spectrum, to enhance your hair but not to go against your natural look.

Tip 2.

Don’t apply lemon juice or acid sprays such as Sun-In in the belief that it will produce natural highlights. Not only can you not control the colour (so that brassy or orange hints are very likely) but you will also dry out your hair.

Tip 3.

If home-colouring, do not take the colour to the ends of the hair. They are more porous which means they accept the colour more readily, which will make them much darker than the rest of the hair.

Tip 4.

Always ensure that your hairline is lighter than the rest of your hair or it will appear that you have a dark ring around your face.  This will also highlight wrinkles and make your complexion appear more sallow.

Tip 5.

Remember that using any type of colour is likely to affect the condition of your hair.  Daniel Galvin focuses on the ‘Three Cs’: Colour, Cut and Condition.  The new ‘3rd C’ Initiative is the perfect afterthought to your colouring treatment; offering a prescriptive conditioning service for your specific hair type.  Alternatively, if you’re home-colouring make sure your hair gets the same treatment: invest in a good conditioning masque such as the Kérastase Masque Chroma Reflect or the Louise Galvin Hair Treatment Masque and apply once a week.

Kérastase Masque Chroma Reflect

Tip 6.

If you are unsure about changing your colour, start off with a semi-permanent colour which will give you a hint of what you might look without you having to make that irreversible final leap.

Daniel Galvin outsideTip 7.

Don’t use henna on grey or white hair as it will turn it orange.

Tip 8.

Always have a skin test prior to colouring your hair especially if you are susceptible to sensitivities.

Tip 9.

If you are sitting in the sun, always ensure that you wear a hat or apply a hair masque to counteract orange hues and brassiness.  Also always thoroughly rinse out the chlorine or salt water which heavily dries out the hair, strips the colour and can make it turn green.

Tip 10.

If you’re disguising greys, semi-permanent colours are a great idea as they blend in the greys as well as giving your colour more depth.  The Daniel Galvin Vegetable Colours do exactly this as well as leaving your hair with a glossy, healthy finish.

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