Hair Tip: The Perfect Blow Dry In Five Easy Steps

Hair Stylist, Jay from leading hair salon Daniel Galvin gives us his top tips to achieve a professional looking blowdry.

L’Oreal Pli

1. Apply a blow-dry product at the mid to the end of the hair, such as L’Oreal Pli, which will prepare the hair

2. Rough dry about 70% of the hair but focus on the roots. Use your hands to lift and get tension on the roots of the hair.

3. Section off the hair piece by piece and smooth off at the ends with a round brush.

4. Start blow-drying the back of the head, and then move onto the sides.  Finally dry the whole of the top of the head – the front couple of inches of your crown should be dried towards the back of your head.  No matter what parting you have it will fall more naturally.

5. Blast the rest of the hair with cold air and apply a bit of hair spray.  Don’t go over the top though or you hair will be too heavy and all the body will drop.

Jay, Stylist at Daniel Galvin

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