Get a winning smile with TV’s Dr Nina Bal

OK, I admit that I find dentists slightly intimidating creatures. All white coat, plastic goggles and impressive, in your face, white gnashers. And, they have the ability to understand you when you reply with your mouth stuffed full of a suction pipe and or a mouth guard! Uncanny!!

However, I bit the bullet, out of pure vanity to go and see lovely smiley, white toothed Dr Nina- from Channel 4’s BodyFixers, who goes by the mantra ‘less is more’. She ticked all the dentist boxes without being intimidating, and her super gentle bedside manner helped, as she woo-ed me through what she could do to help my smile.

I am a big smiler, and I’ve had the braces to make my grin even bigger, but I had long forgotten about my two giant- made in the eighties gob-stopper sized fillings I had acquired. Not that anyone else could avoid being blinded by them as they were made of silver!!! I had got used to the Jaws effect, but with more scrutiny and the rise of Instagram, I couldn’t find any filter to get rid of that toothy glare.

Hence my recent visit to the Harley Street Dental Clinic, which is the bravest thing I have done this year. Thankfully my two filling replacement began with a local anesthetic, and after the initial scratch, my gums rendered my mouth suitably numb and dribbly, so Dr Nina and her dental assistant got to work.

After drilling away through the enamel and removing any decay, the tooth was prepped for etching, and re-filling. I was awake through the whole procedure, and even though kept my eyes shut, could hear a faint hum of Dr Nina’s dialogue, which was actually quite soothing, and took my mind off the fact that my old fillings were being scraped back to the bare tooth.

Some people might think I am mad in willingly undertaking dental work, but vanity is a funny creature, and with the perfect colour match, it’s almost impossible to see that the tooth actually has a filling.

Additionally, because the replacements bond directly to the enamel, Dr Nina assured me that they should last for more than five years; So in the grand scheme of things, this one visit to a professional, and very lovely dentist should set me up for a while!

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