Why Young Professionals Should Consider A Move To Barcelona

Photo Credit: tyler hendy via www.pexels.com

Barcelona is a popular relocation destination for young professionals. With a thriving jobs market and a city filled with activities and experiences, Barcelona is an ideal place to live long term. When planning a move to any new city, it is essential that you carefully consider where you will live and work and how you will build a support system. 

This article will explore some of the top reasons young professionals should consider relocating to Barcelona and the kind of experiences you can expect when you get there.

Affordable Cost Of Living

Compared to major cities in countries like the UK, Barcelona is significantly more affordable. Rent is manageable, and with a roommate significantly cheaper. Grocery shopping and eating out are both more affordable than in other major cities around Europe.

Plenty Of Sunshine

Rain is a rare occurrence in Barcelona – though when it does happen, it can be torrential! As a result, you can expect to soak up plenty of vitamin D all year round. The summers are scorching, and the winters typically stay in the mild temperature range.

Siesta Culture

Siestas are one of the biggest cultural adjustments you’ll find if relocating to Barcelona from overseas. Many residents of Spain take a break from their daily tasks between 1 and 4 pm, meaning that shops often close up around these times.

You should embrace the siesta culture and enjoy a refreshing nap in the middle of the day, waking up re-energised and ready to continue with your day.

Excellent Housing Options

Accommodation in Barcelona is varied, with most of the city centre options being apartment units. An apartment can be the ideal way to live in Barcelona as many come with balconies to help you cool down over the hot summer months. You can find plenty of brilliant long term rentals available in Barcelona offered by friendly landlords.

Beautiful Beaches

Barcelona is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Spain. There are numerous beaches within short travelling distance from Barcelona and even some within walking distance. You can find beaches to suit any mood you might have, from tranquil spots to sunbathe and read at, to exciting beach party locations.

Incredible Architecture

Barcelona has some beautiful and unique architecture. You could visit local landmarks like La Sagrada Familia Cathedral to take in some of Antoni Gaudí’s famous designs. Simply exploring and taking in the sights of Barcelona is something that even long-term residents of the city enjoy.

Cycle Friendly

Barcelona is a city that is easy to get around. In addition to the excellent Metro system, the city is also becoming increasingly cycle-friendly. Travelling around Barcelona by bike can be the perfect way to ensure you see as much of the city as possible and find plenty of hidden gems along the way.

Delicious Food

If you enjoy the Mediterranean diet, then Barcelona is the perfect spot for you. With fresh fish readily available thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, you will find the best tapas, seafood and more in Barcelona.

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