What to expect from your first-time staying in a serviced apartment for business

Photo Credit: Max Vakhtbovych via www.pexels.com

Long business trips can be exhausting. Between the travel rules, endless cycle of meetings and living out of a suitcase for weeks on end, it’s never long before you’re counting down the days until you head back to your home comforts. This is why choosing the right accommodation is crucial when going away on business.

Staying somewhere comfortable, where you have the space to unwind in your downtime will help you perform better during working hours. It would also be beneficial to book accommodation which provides kitchen facilities, as eating out can rack up a costly bill, leaving your boss to wonder if they’re getting a true return on investment when they receive the invoice.

Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular, due to the flexibility and comfort they offer guests. Here, we explore what to expect from your first time staying in one.

Why serviced apartments?

A serviced apartment combines the services of a hotel with the luxury of private rented property. Lorraine Evans from SilverDoor, who provide serviced apartments in Singapore and around the world says, “The beauty of serviced apartments is that they come completely furnished – so packing what you need during your stay is a quick and easy affair. The essentials will of course include your clothes and toiletries – but even so, you won’t need to pack as much as you would for a hotel stay.”

A serviced apartment will also give you more space than a hotel room. Typically, a one-bedroom unit is around twice as big as a hotel room. Each is equipped with a kitchen and living space, giving guests plenty of room to spread out and feel at home. Lorraine comments, “With a washing machine (or on-site laundrette) and ironing facilities available in your apartment, you can wash clothes as necessary with no fuss.”

Your own private living space

Many serviced apartments include a housekeeping service, which is provided once a week, as opposed to the daily clean a hotel room is given. This will allow you to enjoy your stay with fewer interruptions and a stronger sense of privacy. Guests tend to feel more comfortable when they don’t have to worry about their space being intruded on every day. You’ll be free to kick back, relax and unwind in your own private living space after a long day.

Cost effectiveness

Opting for a serviced apartment instead of a hotel will help reduce the cost spent on your trip. You will have access to your own kitchen, allowing you to cook your own choice of food instead of eating out or paying for room service. Lorraine says, “In most apartments you can also order groceries and anything else you may need directly to your door – so you needn’t pack the earth when preparing for your trip.”

Some hotels will charge guests for using Wi-Fi, whereas a serviced apartment will often provide this free of charge. Hotel bills can be extortionate, especially for long stays, however with a serviced apartment your accommodation fee reduces during long visits, as VAT drops from 20% to only 4% after 28 nights.


Staying in a serviced apartment gives you the flexibility to do the things you need to. You can cook your own meals in your private kitchen, meaning you can eat whatever and whenever suits you best. You also have the freedom and space to invite guests to visit or host a business meeting, all things that wouldn’t be as straight forward or feasible in a hotel setting.

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