What Parking Options Are There at the Airport?

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Going on a trip is always a big adventure, which also includes a lot of planning and organising. One of the issues that bothers travelers the most is the question of how to get to the airport in a comfortable way. While some choose to take public transportation, others swear by driving to the airport by car. Even though the latter may be really convenient, airport parking can be expensive. Let’s see what options there are for Stansted Airport.

Which Is the Best Airport Parking Option?

Airport parking is said to be really cost-intensive. But sure enough, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes to find a cheap parking spot at the airport is planning ahead and comparing prices.

Off-Site Parking

Travellers tend to prefer parking facilities that are as close to the terminal as possible. But with so many other things in life, a high demand that is up against a limited offer, leads to high prices. Off-site parking can be a great alternative. If you do some research on what kind of cheap parking Stansted Airports holds in store, you’ll notice that prices for off-site parking are a lot lower than prices for on-site parking.

Convenience being another important criterion, many travellers reject the idea of parking a few miles away from the airport. But off-site parking facilities usually offer shuttle services or even valet parking. That means that you;ll make it to the terminal in a stress-free manner.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is the Porsche among airport parking facilities as you get to pull up right at the terminal and a driver will take your car to a protected parking space. Of course, valet parking is more expensive than self-parking, but it also offers you a higher time flexibility as well as a higher level of convenience.

Long-Term Parking Lots

The longer you plan to stay away, the more you’ll have to pay for parking. Long-term parking lots, which are usually located off-site, offer the best price-performance-ratio in that case. Long-term parking is definitely the most economic way to leave your car at the airport for multiple days or even weeks.

Daily Parking Lots

Daily parking lots are a compromise between long-term parking and short-term parking. It can be a great option, if you only leave for a short business trip. You should look into other types of parking, though, if you’re going on a downright vacation to Mallorca or another destination.

Short-Term Parking Lots

Short-term parking facilities are normally located very close to the airport building. That’s really convenient, if you plan to spend a short amount of time there. Of course, the provider will charge a higher parking rate in exchange for that convenience.

Alternatives to Airport Parking

Finding a good parking spot at the airport can be a real challenge, which you don’t necessarily need to take. If you live fairly close to the airport, public transportation and hailing services can be a smart alternative for you.

Using a Ride-Hailing Service

Providers like Uber and Lyft can also take you to the airport. Make sure to check what the rates are in accordance with your distance from the airport and also inform the driver if you bring along a lot of luggage or many people.

Hailing a Taxicab

Taxicabs take you right up to the terminal after picking you up at home. But you can imagine that hailing a cab is a rather expensive option. Do keep it in mind in case something goes wrong and you have no time flexibility left in order to reorganise things.

Booking an Airport Shuttle

Depending on where you live, you can also book an airport shuttle. Depending on the demand, you’ll share the shuttle with other travellers. So, do make sure to book a shuttle that picks you up early enough to get to the airport in time. Of course, booking a shuttle is usually a lot cheaper than going by cab.

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