The Pros and Cons of Living by the Seaside

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If the idea of living by the coast sounds perfect, you might feel a desire to sell your home and move to one of the UK’s stunning seaside towns, such as Sandbanks in Dorset or Padstow in Cornwall.

While many can provide an idyllic place to live, some coastal towns will have downsides, which you must be aware of before relocating. For those undecided, check out the pros and cons below.

Pro: Fantastic Days Out on Your Doorstep

If you love the idea of relaxing by the beach, enjoying fresh fish and chips or exploring scenic surroundings every week, a seaside town will not disappoint. You will not only be able to take your pick of fresh seafood, but also enjoy waking up to beautiful views each morning. You will never feel the need to venture overseas again!

Con: High Flood Risk

Of course, any low-lying areas close to the sea will be at risk of flooding when water levels rise, including various coastal towns and shorelines. For example, the likes of Cornwall, Skegness and Great Yarmouth are all vulnerable to flooding.

However, many UK coastal towns have effective flood prevention methods in place, such as dikes, barriers and seawalls. Also, if your home or business does experience flooding, you can quickly restore your property with a professional flood restoration service. Therefore, if living by the seaside is your dream, provided you’re aware of this and have the contact details of those who can help you overcome this, you should still pursue the idea.

Pro: Good Mental Health

According to a study by Exeter University, living near the sea is good for a person’s mental health. Research has found that people living within half a mile from the coast have a lower risk of developing a mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. Therefore, moving to the seaside could be the key to a happier, healthier life for you and your family.

Con: Expensive Property Prices

A picture-perfect lifestyle will come with an expensive price tag, and the prices are rapidly increasing each year. Experts recently revealed that seaside properties have increased by around £24,055 in the past year.

The coastal town you choose can determine a property’s price too. For example, the average price for a property in Halifax, one of the most expensive seaside towns in the UK, is a whopping £950,325. However, Scotland offers many beautiful properties for just a fraction of the price of coastal homes in the likes of Halifax and Cornwall. The average property price in the Isle of Cumbrae in North Ayrshire is £74,148.

Every area will have its pros and cons, which you must take into consideration when making your decision. However, if you are looking for a destination that offers beautiful homes, fantastic activities, stunning scenery and can improve your mental health, you cannot go wrong with a British seaside town.

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