Not to miss cultural experiences in Sri Lanka

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Blissful, exotic, wild and full of surprises, Sri Lanka is a destination that should be a part of every adventurers bucket list. Whether you’re visiting for the country’s incredible and awe-inspiring scenes, for its heritage or perfectly pristine beaches, there is something for everyone one of the many Sri Lanka tours available out there.

Spend time with the elephants

The Uda Walawe National Park lies on the boundary of the Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces. Created to offer the ultimate sanctuary for wild animals, the reservoir provides the perfect location for the elephants and other species to thrive. Boasting miles of grassland and bush forest, why not book yourself a Safari or Park Adventure while you’re visiting and experience the elephants, buffalo, spotted deer and other animals in their natural habitat.

From Ella to Kandy by train

One of the most comfortable ways to travel around, the train is a popular option for travellers alike. Walk about the carriages whenever you want, indulge in food, meet the locals or simply watch the landscape roll peacefully by with a good book in hand; whatever you choose to do on board, it’s a sure fire way to see as much of the breath-taking scenery as possible.

Embody slow living on the beach

No matter the side of the island you find yourself on, each and every one of the Sri Lanka beaches is like no other. Arugam Bay in the Southern Province is a favourite among many, thanks to its seaside community and laidback offerings. Galle, also in the Southern Province, is another favourite with travellers all year round. Thanks to its golden, moon-shaped sandy beach and turquoise ocean, it’s a picture perfect destination, perfect for those holiday snaps.

Tea lovers rejoice

Whether you’re a tea lover or not, a tea plantation tour is a must. See how the plants are grown in one of the many estates and discover how all the different types are produced in the factory. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get the chance to sample a cup with a slice of cake afterwards. There are a number of ways you can book a tour, simply reach out to a local expert and they will help you along your way.

With so many wonders to experience, you’d be foolish to let a chance to visit this incredible country slip away. Experience some of the lesser-known highlights in this post and make the most of your adventure in Sri Lanka.

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