How to Travel in Style on a Budget

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Travelling provides a wide variety of opportunities, which will create an unforgettable adventure. However, it can also cost a considerable amount of money.

Thankfully, having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel to your dream destination or enjoy a little luxury on a trip. If you want to have a hassle-free, comfortable and memorable break, read the below tips on how to travel in style on a budget.

Open a Holiday Savings Account

If you’re worried about how you’ll afford to travel to an expensive destination, all you might need to do is open a holiday savings account.

It will allow you to set a specific amount of money aside each month, as you will need to move it into an account as if you’re paying for a bill. So, it could lead to you having more money in the bank to save for a more luxurious hotel, fun excursions, or better souvenirs.

Take a Spontaneous Trip

Do you have an upcoming week off work to look forward to? If so, consider taking a spontaneous holiday to save money on travel. Many airlines and hotels often provide travellers with last-minute deals, which could help you to save a substantial amount of money.

Flight seats and hotel rooms are often reduced in order to fill the space, which could allow you to enjoy a holiday for a fraction of the price.

Find the Best Airport Parking Deals

If you want to pull up at an airport and hand your keys over to a professional chauffeur, you should consider meet and greet parking, which is also known as valet parking.

While you might think a luxury parking service will be expensive, it doesn’t need to be. Boost your holiday savings by finding the best deals at your airport. For example, if you’re travelling from London, compare Gatwick parking to make great savings. By saving money on Gatwick Airport parking, you’ll have more money to spend once you arrive at your destination.

Visit Free Attractions on Holiday

Most cities and towns provide plenty of free attractions for travellers and locals, which could help to reduce your travel expenditure while ensuring you have a superb experience.

Perform a little research before your holiday to identify the best free guided tours, museums, national parks, and hiking spots.

Avoid Peak Travel Periods

Travelling off-season not only helps you to save money, but it can also help you to avoid crowds, packed beaches, and busy tourist destinations, which will ensure you have a more enjoyable experience.

For example, avoid booking a holiday during the school holidays. You might even secure the best deals by travelling in January, as there will be fewer people booking a trip after Christmas and New Year.

Look for Happy Hour Deals

There is no reason to skip a fancy restaurant simply because you’re on a tight budget. You can still enjoy the best dishes and dining experiences on your travels, but you’ll need to time your visit well.

Most restaurants and bars provide a happy hour to encourage visitors to walk in the door. The deal is commonly between 5pm to 7pm, and many restaurants might provide discounted drinks or meals so that you can enjoy the same high-quality dish and drinks for a much smaller price.

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