How to experience UK hotels on a budget

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Who doesn’t love a weekend break or a last minute staycation? Now more than ever, people are looking to enjoy a short break at a swanky hotel. Visitors are less likely to book a 2-week holiday in favour of more last minute short breaks. The thing, is weekends at luxury hotel can cost more than what you think.

Booking short breaks around the UK throughout the year gives us something to look forward to.  Some prefer to book last minute hotels for a long weekend and sometimes this can cost the same as a week-long package holiday. There are ways to cut the cost of weekends away.

We’ve put together some of the best tips when looking to book hotels in the UK on a budget. No matter where you’re planning on visiting the UK – there is always room to save.

Book last minute hotels

It might be obvious but booking last minute hotels at the very last second can save you a lot of money. It can become a bargain buy. Sometimes hotels discount their rooms towards the end of season and this is where money can be saved too. Hotels and other short break accommodations don’t like their rooms being empty. Even phone the hotel direct or the private holiday let you and interested in and ask about any discounted rates. It might be daunting doing this but if you don’t ask; you don’t get. Hotel owners don’t like their rooms going empty at any time of the year as they lose money when they aren’t filled. There are so many ways to find out about last minute hotels through OTA’s, Google and as mentioned contacting the properties direct to see what last minute deals can be struck.

Book short breaks in the UK far in advance

Booking in advance instead of last minute can also work well with a budget. It does pay to be organised. Planning and booking a trip to look forward to can sometimes be as enjoyable as the break itself. It means you can book your hotel in advance and possibly request a better room and even an upgrade in certain circumstances if there are enough rooms available. Moreover, booking attractions and other activities well before arriving means it can be cheaper than arriving at the entrance and paying then.  Booking the hotel one month then booking dinner and attractions the next means that it doesn’t seem as expensive by paying out a lot of money at once.

Book through an OTA to save on last minute UK weekend breaks

Using an OTA or online travel agent is also a popular way to save money on UK short breaks. It can be cheaper, convenient but you can grab such great deals on hotels throughout the UK.  Visitors might be looking for dinner, bed and breakfast, a spa weekend with friends or a murder mystery themed hotel. You can find great deals like these at short break providers as well as saving so much money instead of going direct.  OTA’s have a huge range of hotels all across the UK. They can even advise on certain hotels as many have experience of each hotel they partner with. You can make a double saving by buying last minute hotel deals. These can sometimes be even cheaper than other sort of deals. As mentioned on certain deals, the OTA may mention to the hotel that it’s a birthday or anniversary. The hotel could upgrade the guest for free, offer spa discounts or give special surprises such as prosecco on arrival. So, more savings to be made here too.

Booking UK hotels over going abroad

Booking weekends in London or Edinburgh at hotels work out much cheaper than going abroad as mentioned. It beats going to the airport, parking the car and even having to stay over nearby before the flight. Booking a taxi can even add to the travel cost. To save even more money, book UK hotels nearer to where you stay. This means guests can save money on fuel as its less journey time and can even use public transport if the distance from home to the hotel is short. This means visitors have more time to enjoy the hotel and nearby attractions without the journey time eating into their leisure break.

Book hotel breaks midweek instead of the weekend

It’s often the case that booking a hotel during the week over the weekend is considerably cheaper. Booking a midweek last minute break can be better for so many reasons. If you have a flexible schedule then this could be the one for you. There will not only be discounts on hotels but restaurants and other attractions; making a midweek break more attractive.  Moreover, many places will be quieter. In the times we’re living in right now, that’s not a bad thing.  This includes hotels and family friendly attractions.

Experience business hotels for weekend hotel breaks

What’s a business hotel? They are usually located in the business district of a city centre where the big financial banks are. The big chains are usually Hilton and Marriott. They are tidy, clean and a little basic in certain circumstances. They don’t have the wham affect a luxury spa hotel may have. Instead, you get to save money as their rates are usually considerably discounted at weekends when they are quiet. This means more of the guest’s disposable income can be spent on experiences near to the hotel.

Saving money on last minute staycations

These are just some of the reasons how you can enjoy a last minute staycation around the UK. It’s a place to be explored and it feels even better when you can do it on a budget without compromising the experience. Whether that’s booking far in advance, experiencing hotels last minute or enjoying a short break through an online travel agent.  Enjoy Scotland, England and Wales this year without breaking the bank. Budget hotel breaks can be as fun and enjoyable as going abroad so enjoy the UK this year.

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