How to Create the Perfect January Minibreak

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Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and after all the chaos of the festive season, a January minibreak may sound like a very enticing prospect. Having a few days away to relax and recharge ready for the year ahead can be highly beneficial, but it can be hard to create that perfect minibreak away. To make the planning process easier, we’ve put together some helpful tips of things to look out for when creating the perfect January minibreak.

Choose the Ideal Location

Location is probably one of the most important things to consider when planning your January break as it will determine the type of holiday you have! The location can influence the activities you’re able to take part in, the weather you’ll get and even the accommodation you’ll be able to stay in. Luckily if you’re planning on a mini break in the UK, there are a variety of amazing places to choose from!

For those looking for a city break, why not head inland to one of the many cosmopolitan cities and stay in a modern apartment. Alternatively, for a more relaxing, seaside break, Dorset could prove the perfect destination. With amazing scenery, coastal walks and with the amazing Dorset Holiday Cottages from Lyme Bay Holidays to stay in, you’ll truly get a local feel for the place.

Plan Ahead

Creating an itinerary or planning some activities ahead of time can help you be prepared when you arrive, as you’ll know what to expect. Why not see what your destination has to offer and either make note of some of the things you may fancy doing, or perhaps book ahead to be sure you get a place.

Another important aspect to plan for is your transportation. Whether this is transfers from the airport to your accommodation, or perhaps just ways to get around your destination. It’s worth knowing what is on offer so you don’t get stuck, especially in rural destinations.

Pack Appropriately

If you’re an over packer, it might be time to start planning what you’re taking with you and consider which items are truly essentials! Having a trial run with your packing can be really helpful and putting essentials in your case leading up to your holiday or creating a packing list will help ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

Remember to pack appropriately for your destination, so if you’re on a city break you may need trainers and casual clothes, but for the outdoor exploring breaks you’ll need more serious footwear and warm clothing! Take a look at the weather before you travel to make sure you’re well prepped.

Document It

To make sure you’re capturing the holiday perfectly, why not take a camera or video camera with you as these can help document priceless memories for the future. Alternatively, a diary could be the perfect way to make note of everything you get up to on your break!

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