With Christmas and its ‘naughty or nice’ vibe behind us, our thoughts are turning to Valentine’s Day … but considering that there’s a long, bleak and possibly even dry January standing between us and the day of love, we think that we should start setting the scene for intimacy now.

All the indulgence of chocolate and champagne, along with the heady scent of roses … yes, thanks, we’ll take all of that … but this winter, Blakes Hotel is upping the seduction ante with a ‘Behind Closed Doors’ package that’s bound to make pulses quicken when you’re looking to heat things up while it’s cold outside. Think ‘Netflix and Chill’ …. and take it up many, many notches.

Already known as London’s first boutique hotel and as the decadent ‘den of iniquity-inspired’ design of interiors star Anoushka Hempel, Blakes is no stranger to luxury – nor indeed, to clandestine meetings and passionate rendezvous – after all, it’s been a favourite of the rich and famous since it opened in 1978.

Take these indulgent surroundings and the hotel’s top-level service and add a sassy collaboration with premium lingerie label, New York-based Kiki de Montparnasse – and what you’ll get on your away-night-in is everything that Santa wouldn’t even have brought the bad girls (and thank goodness, right? Because that may have been kind of weird.)

Check in mid-afternoon and you’ll be shown to one of the hotel’s distinctive suites and then … the hours that follow are all yours. Sleep, if you like – after all, a king-sized bed, silk pyjamas and a bespoke silk eye mask, hand embroidered with the words ‘Behind Closed Doors’ await you. Or eat and drink – on the passion-boosting likes of oysters, chocolate pastries and a Laurent Perrier Jerobam, all of which form part of your welcome package. And if it’s true what they say about such things having aphrodisiacal qualities, well … you’ll find that your welcome package also includes Kiki de Montparnasse gold personalised engraved handcuffs, leather hand-braided whip and double-sided tickler.

Also from the brand, you’ll receive a candle that melts into warm massage oil. Clearly, you’ll have far too much going on to possibly emerge for meals … but this kind of hibernation requires plenty of energy, so get ready for unlimited room service and all meals served in-suite. And for an added treat? Late checkout – there’s no early rising after a night in like this.

Rates start at £5,000 per night. 

Available to book from now, stay until 31 January 2020, visit blakeshotels.com

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