Putting the surgery into Turkey: Why Acibadem is the go to hospital for Brits

If you’re not sure what to expect on a trip to Istanbul, the amount of bald and bloody heads amongst the stunning architecture might come as a bit of a surprise. However, it’s not because the city is full of pub brawls! It is actually the go-to destination for Medical Tourism which specialises in hair transplants, cosmetic procedures and dazzling smiles.

Heading overseas for cosmetic surgery is nothing new; celebrities have been doing it for decades as they can remain incognito in luxe surroundings without the fear of paparazzi papping them with black eyes or bandaged boobs. But these days, you don’t have to be an A-lister as prices are accessible to all. Plus, you get to hang out in a city that has thousands of years of history, a unique culture and vibrant social life, whilst your scars heal.

With long waiting lists for medical procedures in the UK, Acibadem has found a niche and since 1991, has established itself as a worthy competitor in Europe’s expanding medical tourism sector.

Having just returned from a tour of the Acibadem hospitals in  Istanbul, it was eye-opening to see how convenient it is to jet over for a tummy tuck: which in the UK would cost thousands of pounds, but there costs approximately 50 percent less. Whilst more serious operations such as heart valve replacement surgery are priced around £13,000. Even a nose job comes in at about a third of the cost at home, with no hidden extras. The first class doctors and state of the art facilities at this privately owned clinic make it a no-brainer for Brits.

However, you can’t just rock up and book in for a breast enlargement. Acibadem only works on consultations so both the doctor and patient are aware of the procedure and what to expect. Patients are advised on pros and cons, and their safety is put first- with not all treatments advised for everyone. However, once you’ve made up your mind to enquire, you can just book in for a non-committal Zoom consultation, or ask questions in person in the clinic in London. By offering a transparent system, clients have access to accurate and updated information about all the medical services and doctors, and can make the right choice for their specific needs.

With everything from dentistry to plastic surgery and  treatments for cancer, there are testimonials from previous patients from all over the world who have visited for the first-rate care they are guaranteed at Acibadem. Geared towards international visitors, there are English speaking doctors, nurses and administrative staff, and with state of the art equipment, the Acibadem facilities are comparable to the best private clinics in the UK- only bigger, allowing for more comfort and efficiency. Boasting private hotel-like suites should you have a family who would like to stay over or stress-free  partner hotels which Acibadem arranges (along with airport transfers).

Your wellbeing continues long after the procedure, and many patients extend their stay in the capital and enjoy the hospitable culture and food. Even on a short visit, you can enjoy the famous Blue Palace and try typical Turkish snacks such as sesame-seed encrusted simit, roasted water chestnuts or grilled kofte (meatballs).

Post operation, patients have access to their file via an online portal, which they are free to share with their UK practitioner; they also have direct contact with the department/consultant at Acibadem in Turkey should there be any aftercare issues who will advise on next steps and if needed/appropriate, it can be arranged that they fly back out.

With an estimated 1.2 million European patients heading to utilise Turkey’s low costs and successful surgery rates that mirror those of world-renowned hospitals, more and more medical tourists are choosing to take advantage of Acibadem’s exceptional services, and with 22 centres around the world in Turkey, Holland, Bulgaria, Iraq, and Macedonia it seems that this is a name to trust.

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