PARIS 25hours Terminus Nord

Paris is ever evolving. Always in motion, always something new going on… Neighbourhoods are up and coming, been and gone in the blink of an eye. So, I was intrigued to venture outside my usual hoods, to see what was going on in the new ‘hot’ 10th arrondissement, and where better to see hipness at its finest than the brand new 25hours Terminus Nord, the newest offering from the 25hours Hotel Company and its first property in France. Leading the hip revolution in the ‘quartier’, set right across from the iconic landmark Gare du Nord, the boutique hotel oozes attitude and style.

With the 10th arrondissement being home to a mix of African, Sri Lankan, Indian and Kurdish businesses, the 237 room hotel is placing itself as a hub for tourists, business travellers (the Eurostar is just a few steps away) and Parisians alike by embracing the local eclectic cultural mix.

Its décor is definitely colourful and exotic. All about individuality, authenticity and character the hotel is the ultimate melting pot.

In my room the Bollywood movie poster on the wall sits next to a classic hotel trolley on wheels covered with travel stickers.  Tiny colourful porcelain dolls and frames made out recyclable materials add to the oddball mix.

It’s a showcase for funky bits and pieces, Asian inspired patterns, souvenirs from Africa and some contemporary furniture like the designer metal chair, wooden desk unit and chaise longue at the foot of the bed. This is not a room for those who like minimalism. It’s an explosion of colours, with an ethnic and bohemian vibe. There’s also more artwork than you can shake a stick at dotted around thanks to hey Parisian art consultancy agency VISTO IMAGES.

I like a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously so I’m taken with the door tags. You can ask for your room to be ‘done’ or pick the more amusing: ‘there’s a monster in my room’ or ‘please feel free to redecorate’….

Other fun and useful details include ceramic washbasins, super comfy beds,

sustainable bathroom products and UE Boom Bluetooth speakers.

For dinner I pop into the Israeli-Mediterranean NENI restaurant. The atmosphere is buzzing, and indeed it feels like we’re somewhere warmer and more exotic than Paris. Next door the SAPE Bar is a cosy, gentlemen’s club style hideout, ideal for a few post work drinks in the comfy leather chairs. Even better, there’s a speakeasy in a hidden snug, for up to ten guests for perfect privacy. If only I had a gang to meet up with tonight. Unfortunately this is a working trip so it’s an early night for me…

Breakfast is great. Whether you want a straightforward Parisian croissant or a Lebanese inspired breakie or even the full English. There’s also a healthy option with eggs, yoghurt and seeds aplenty. The choice is yours. I appreciate the options and like the fact that despite its ‘crazy – out there’ personality the hotel delivers on the staples, such a good quality breakfast to set you up for the day. I’m willing to try something new and daring by design, but I still value the essentials.

Rooms from EUR 174 per night

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