It’s nice to be wowed. And it happens less and less, as you get older and, dare I say – possibly just a tad jaded?  But, when I stepped into the Duplex at Cinq Codet I actually said ‘wow’. It fell right out of my mouth.

I even had to call the kids, on Facetime to give them a tour – and yes, rub in the fact that tonight mummy was sleeping in style …

Firstly, the room is actually a suite, and a duplex at that. There are floor to ceiling windows (across both floors) offering fabulous Parisian rooftop and street views – and beyond onto the Pantheon’s gorgeous golden dome. Then there is the décor:  contemporary, yet classic and a twinge of Hollywood, especially that arched sofa that lines most of the curvy downstairs room. This feeling of space and light gives it a real ‘loft’ vibe.

There’s a lot of chrome glass providing heaps of shimmer and shine, and a good dose of dazzle. Definitely appealing to the magpie in me! It’s  bit like walking into a movie set. All glamour and gloss – it’s definitely got ‘Wow’ in spades.

The glass clad stairs lead up to my mezzanine where a bedroom awaits: a gloriously large bed equipped with those lovely striped sheets, a flat screen TV with ultra slender super smart remote (which invariably takes me a while to figure out) and a beautiful black (on the outside only) standalone bathtub. Bespoke Cinq Codet products sit elegantly on black tray in their cool copper packaging.  A quick sniff confirms they smell great too – musky but definitely sexy. The giant bell shaped tap over the oversized washbasin adds yet more to the overall designer vibe. As well as my free-standing bathtub, I also have a shower room and 2 loos – just in case I have guests I guess? And heaps of storage should one travel heavy.

Then there are the gadgets – flip a switch and your cinema like widow is covered in a thin curtain so you can hop  in that bath without the neighbours getting more than he bargained for as he has his last cheeky “clope” of the day on the balcony – Flip another and you’ll have blackout curtains for a good night’s sleep.

There’s a Nespresso machine, a minibar with swish goodies (which I leave well alone) and for turndown 2 bottles of Evian and Angelina chocolates turn up.  Another homerun. I used to go to Angelina’s as a kid with my mother, and it’s chocolate so what’s not to love?

On the walls: arty Parisian photography. What else?

I’m sold. A place where I can see beautiful Paris and take a bath at the same time if I so wish: it’s blissful. And, it gets better, because the hotel is also home to a lovely spa where you’ll find a steam room, and get all the usual pampering including Thai massages, Detox or jetlag treatments, scrubs and rubs of all kinds – but also a Jacuzzi tucked away on the central terrace of the 3rd floor. A real secret hideaway! Next time, I’ll have to bring the swimsuit along and enjoy a few bubbles…

Bubbles are also available in La Chiquette, the hotel’s new restaurant run by chef David Maroleau. The atmosphere is cosy, it’s dimly lit and modern in style.  Designer Jean-Philippe Nuel has weaved his magic over the place – so it’s refined, yet cool with a nod to art deco style too. Think Scandi style white chairs and a backlit wall of fine vintages on display – with an open fire roaring away. There’s also a hidden terrace for al fresco lunches in summer – something to remember for sunnier days.

The menu is cosmopolitan with a mix of French and Asian inspiration and changes every week. My top picks: Snacked scallops in Wakame butter, red curry, coral and crispy vermicelli followed by a creamy chocolate tart with delicious dulce de leche and praline.

I can’t decide what I love most, the food or the room?

Not to worry. I’m staying 2 nights so I can do it all again tomorrow and decide then.

Rooms from €279 room/night.

Le Cinq Codet, 5 Rue Louis Codet, Paris 75007, +33 1 53 85 15 60


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