Zaggora’s New Range

women running on westminster bridgeFitness brand Zaggora launch a range of new products that help you burn calories and get into shape this New Year. 

Last year Zaggora introduced their ‘Hotpant’s product to the world, five months later they had sold over 275,000 pairs and they became one of 2011’s most celebrated fitness aides. The Zaggora concept focuses on harnessing body heat, which in turn stimulates calorie burning and reduces that dreaded cellulite. To kick-start your fitness plan this year, the brand have introduced a whole range of technology-advanced active wear to stimulate your workout even further.

Unlike the Zaggora ‘Hotpants’ that are worn under your regular gym kit, the latest range includes products that can be worn as outer sportswear. The ‘Flares’ are a full length legging which target your thighs, calves and bottoms by increasing your perspiration, whilst the ‘Capri Flares’ work much in the same way but focus on your tights, bottom and knees. Both are suitable for outdoor and indoor workouts meaning they fit easily into your lifestyle and fitness regime.

By working out in the new Zaggora products you are effectively creating a 60 minute workout from just 30 minutes of exercise -making the brand a favourite of new mums trying to shift baby-weight or just general gym bunnies looking for a workout boost. Founder and brains behind the products, Dessi Bell says, “We wanted to develop new products that our customers really wanted. Nothing is more powerful than putting customers in the driving seat. So, that is exactly what we have done and we are so proud of the results”.

The Zaggora range is available to buy online from www.zaggora .com. Prices start from £44.99

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