Why do You Need to Wear Golf Shoes?

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske via www.pexels.com

Are golf shoes necessary to play golf? Sooner or later, the question will pop in mind for anybody who considers themself a real golfer. Although the problem does not seem to be difficult, providing an answer does not necessarily have to be easy. There are many factors to consider if you’re considering getting special sports footwear.

On one hand, golf shoes are an extra piece of equipment to carry, an additional item to remember about once going to a golf course. Some of your fellow golfers do not own proper golf shoes. They claim golf shoes are an unnecessary waste of money. They use casual sneakers or tennis shoes and do just fine. Why wouldn’t you then?

On the other hand, golf shoes, like any other sports shoes, serve a purpose. By providing reliable support for your feet, they help you play better and win more often. Who wouldn’t want that? Additionally, they decline the risk of injury. Plus, some golf clubs require you to wear golf shoes in their courses. They are, believe it or not, better for the meticulously manicured grass.

Owning at least one pair of golf shoes should not be a matter of if as much as the matter of why. Check out the materials and videos provided by Footjoy golf shoes to see why they’re so different and to feel the vibe – there’s a whole culture behind “special golf shoes”.

Here is a list of benefits that wearing golf shoes may give you.

Wide soles

One of the main advantages of golf shoes is the way they are built. They tend to have wider bases, which helps the weight of your body be equally spread. In other words: you stay grounded throughout the game. Most often, golf shoe soles are made of rubber. This increases the sturdiness of the shoe, as well as the traction. Thanks to all of these features, when wearing golf shoes, there is no need to worry about keeping the right balance throughout the swing. All you have to do is focus on the ball, and on the hole.


Have you ever walked on wet grass? Slippery, isn’t it? One moment you take a wrong step, another you find yourself in a hospital with a sprained ankle. To avoid the painful injury, the long-lasting recovery process, and no course for a couple of weeks, wear golf shoes with spikes. They improve the traction to the varying terrains you will encounter while walking on a course. Inventions such as detachable twist spikes also help you maintain an excellent grip to different surfaces.

Moreover, wearing golf shoes with cleats can improve your swing – a movement that is crucial to passing a golf hole. Not having the spikes attached to your footwear may end up in one or worse both of your feet slipping. If you are not sure about the spikes yet, keep in mind that high rotation speed and the unsteady footing is not a mix you wish to experience. Also, take into consideration the material of spikes – metal cleats are no longer permitted in most of the courses.


Quality golf shoes are low cut. You can see the golfer’s whole ankle, and in many cases, even a part of the bone above it. That is intentional. In contrast to e.g., basketball shoes designed to support the ankle, the golf shoes let your ankle be free. This way, you can have a better and broader range of motion, which equals a better turn. Your ankle is not blocked and does not receive the pressure in the reverse direction. The solid support for the feet and the swing also comes from the wider base of the shoe.


If you feel like wearing proper golf shoes will make you look too fancy, posh, or old, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Golf shoes complete the look when on a course. They add to your overall appearance and the impression you make. It says I am dedicated to the sport that I am playing. People perceive you as a more experienced and well-versed player. Golf shoes come in a wide range of styles and colours. If you want to look elegant and classy whenever on a course, choose the traditional brown or black leather ones. If comfort is of your primary interest and you want to seem more easy-going, relaxed, and fun, pick the ones with more athletic style.

Final step

The last step is to pick them, buy them, and cherish them. Improved adaptability to different surfaces, a solid foundation, wider sole, and the spikes can bring your game to another level. While others may say they are too expensive or not worth bothering, it is always better to give it a try and know for yourself.

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