What to do if you’ve been knocked off your bicycle

Photo Credit: Florencia Potter via www.pexels.com

Being involved in an accident while on your bicycle can be a frightening event. On busy roads and even in cycle lanes, you are the often-vulnerable road user without the safe exterior of a vehicle. This puts you in more danger than other motorists, although they don’t always act that way.

Accidents of all kinds can occur on bikes, from general falls to collisions with potholes and other vehicles. Another road user knocking you off your bike is perhaps the most dangerous and terrifying situation that could happen but, unfortunately, it does. If you’re one of these ill-fated people, what should you do in the short and long term after such an accident?

Health comes first

First and foremost, you need to look after your health and wellbeing directly after the collision. Seek medical attention if need be because nothing is more important than your health. If you’re just a little shaken up, you can look to focus your attention on the next steps a bit sooner.

Get details of the motorist

If health or injury isn’t an immediate concern after an accident then you should be looking to take the details of the motorist as soon as possible. The most important details include full name, address and vehicle registration, but you may want to get their phone number in case you need to discuss matters at a later time. These basic details will be the starting point if you plan on making a claim.

Gather evidence

In the event of a serious accident, you should gather any evidence that you can use to support a claim. This can be photos of your bike and the vehicle that hit you, or witness statements and the contact details of those witnesses. These will all be valuable down the line if you pursue a claim of any sort.

Keep an eye on your long-term health

Whether or not you make an initial claim after the collision, you should keep track of your long-term health to assess whether there is any lasting damage. Concussion symptoms may be representative of a more serious brain injury that can worsen over time – so if you notice long-term impacts to your brain or head, you could learn more about brain injury claims. Physical issues can also persist in the long-term, but can often be improved with rehabilitation.

Being knocked off your bicycle can be a scary event, and the consequences can be even more frightening. You should always prioritise your health and wellbeing immediately after such an accident, before starting proceedings or discussions with the motorist involved. With a little luck, you’ll be able to avoid any significant complications.

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