Waterdrop®  X Suki Waterhouse

Committing to its mission of getting the world drinking more water, Suki Waterhouse has joined forces with waterdrop®.

Innovators of the world’s first microdrink, waterdrop® and English model, actress and singer, Suki Waterhouse announced their collaboration on 27th December. An organic brand partnership because of their shared interests in both health and sustainability, Suki explains:

“I’m always on an ongoing mission to try and drink as much water as possible. Ensuring I drink enough water is certainly important to me, however, I’m the first to admit I usually fall short. When I learnt of waterdrop®’s mission I was so impressed with what they have set out to achieve and take the opportunity to learn about how I can personally affect my own water drinking habits in a sustainable way.”

In case you’re wondering, waterdrop® is a small cube packed with real fruit and plant extracts and enriched with vitamins that dissolve in water. Founded by three Austrians, Martin Murray, Henry Murray and Christoph Hermann; their unique packaging solution ensures waterdrop® uses 98% less plastic than traditional bottle filled beverages. And due to the compact cube size, these products are light and require far less storage space when being transported, resulting in environmentally friendly shipping.

With different flavours to choose between, they’ve each been created to be rich in fruit, plant extracts and high-quality vitamins, as well as sugar, gluten, caffeine and lactose free. For those of us bored by regular tap water (guilty as charged) but looking for healthier hydration, step forward fresh still and sparkling drinks options.

The new range designed in collaboration with talented Suki includes a limited-edition 600ml glass bottle with free neoprene sleeve (£29). Featuring a water coloured-effect floral pastel-coloured pattern, drinking water suddenly became a lot more chic.  Its sturdy borosilicate glass composition makes for a robust drinking bottle, and each limited-edition buy comes with its own individual number.

Inspired by Claude Monet’s waterlily paintings, there’s a limited-edition reversible bag (£13.90), and waterdrop® taster packs in Love, Zen, Youth and Boost flavours. Snap up the taster pack encompassing the glass bottle and 12 microdrinks for £34.90. It’s also worth noting that for orders over £50, the bag is free.  Here at SN, we’ve been trialling these delish flavours and using the stylish water bottle as an incentive to keep refilling and rehydrating.

As Suki continues, “The ethos behind the brand is remarkable, they put sustainability and people’s wellbeing at the helm of the brand proving its authenticity and good values, and working alongside them to design this exclusive water bottle, knowing the health and sustainable benefits that are associated with it, has been such an exciting project. I hope you love the bottle as much as I loved designing it.”

With our water intake increased, we’re feeling better for it, and are big fans of this creative collab.

Visit en.waterdrop.com for more information.

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