Ushvani Spa is a hidden treasure, quite literally. Located just off the uber-cool Pavilion road in Chelsea (home to the new KXU gym and Granger and Co), Ushvani is concealed behind a grand wooden front door of what seems to be just another red brick Chelsea mansion. There are no gleaming SPA signs or windows to live vicariously through. Ushvani is one of the rare establishments in London that still prospers from the “if you know, you know” reputation. 

Ushvani was founded by Usha Arumugam, lawyer turned spa entrepreneur. Her meticulous research and drive lead her to open Ushvani as one of London’s first authentic Malaysian spas with the promise to provide the highest level of service and to house some of London’s most highly-skilled staff.

And there is no doubt that the staff are trained to the nth degree. As I enter Ushvani on a soggy Tuesday evening, I am instantly transported into a tranquil haven. The ladies at the front desk radiate health, and offer you hot herbal teas, hang your jacket and personally escort you to your yoga mat in the Sentosa Studio.

Ushvani recently launched their new schedule of yoga classes to accompany the spa offering. Taught by three master yogis, the classes are taken in their elegant Sentosa studio. I am there to try out their Shri Vivek yoga: a 75-minute class based on four pillars: postures, breathing, physical and mental changes and knowledge.

The class is restorative and peaceful, and tailored for all types. With only four other partakers in the room, I never needed to copy my neighbour or guess what yoga phrase meant – the teacher visited each one of us throughout the class to help guide and amend the movements.

The space itself is a sanctuary of relaxation. Fine wood panelling, baroque features and high ceilings doesn’t feel cold or isolated. Instead, the room exudes warmth and cosiness. It is a true relief from the cold, wet and hectic world outside.

The Shri Vivek class is perfect for those looking for more than just a routine set of yoga poses. The class offers a holistic perspective, helping those find balance and inner awareness – perfect for those who need to find calm in the storm.

Ushvani Spa also offer private classes including the Shri Vivek class, or you can opt for the  more powerful yoga method, Vinyasa.  The weekly Shri Vivek Yoga Class on Tuesday evenings is priced at £18 a session and private classes begin at £85.

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