The Soothing Effects Of Water: Why It Works

Photo Credit: Oliver Sjöström.

Why does ocean front property go for so much money? Obviously, it is the water. But, why is that? Why do people want to be so close to water that they will spend a fortune to live in a house by the sea?

Water has a hold on us for a variety of reasons. It is calming and nurturing and it contributes to our mental well being in ways not many other elements in our life can.

In this article, I will go over the reasons that water is so calming for us and how you can take advantage of that.

White noise

Running water is essentially white noise. It cancels out the sounds in the background that otherwise would distract us and even cause stress.

The wonderful thing about white noise is that it sounds different to everybody. And the sound of running water varies just enough to make it sound more interesting than just static noise from a radio or hum or a fan.

Having indoor waterfalls is a great addition to a home that creates an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.

If you have a lot of traffic outside your home or just miss being near water, then this is an excellent way to bring nature indoors. Having running water fixtures in your garden or inside the home is becoming a decorating trend lately.


The next phase after canceling out other sounds is meditative. Our minds are easily cleared when we hear the sounds of a burbling brook or the waves gently crashing on the beach.

Scientists suggest that the reason for this is that the waves end up corresponding to the neuronal waves in our brains. When they sync up it puts us in a trance like state.

Listening to the sounds of water before bed is a great way to put yourself in the right mindset to fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply. If you don’t have a water fixture in your home, then listening to a noise machine or app on your TV with the sounds of waves is a great idea.

When you are feeling stressed out, then a trip to a river or the sea is one of the best antidotes to get meditative and let your stress go.

Water sounds non threatening

Our brains are hardwired to interpret sounds that come out of nowhere as a potential threat. It disrupts our thoughts and can trigger a reaction in our brains to be on guard.

The sound of water, being a white noise, puts all of those sounds in the background so they don’t sound so threatening. Sounds that are constant like water are non threatening as they lull our brains into a calm state.

It can keep our brains away from the fight or flight state that increases stress and puts us on edge. When you let the sound of water hypnotize you, then we can let go of that primal feeling when there is too much noise.

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