Simba Graphene Eye Mask & Travel Pillow

Big fans of Simba here at SN, I’ve previously reviewed (and been very impressed by) both their award-winning Hybrid Pillow and Mattress. Excited to try a couple of new releases, I’ve spent the last few weeks sampling the Graphene Eye Mask and Travel Pillow.

Expertly moulded to gently fit the face, their Graphene Eye Mask (£40) is a genius and luxurious sleep support. The graphene material is just one atom thick, ensuring a super soft, lightweight mask. All while efficiently blocking out the light for a good night’s sleep, it wraps around your head with ease. A really robust material; the mask is as tough as it is comfortable, meaning it’ll stand the test of multiple travels. Whether you’re looking for a simple sleep mask, or something to block out the light for snoozing on the move- there’s one more piece de resistance feature I must mention.

Three heat settings are included, ramping up the sleep technology even further. Working to spread heat throughout the mask, feel that therapeutic warmth lull you to the land of nod. Also offering TLC when you need a little downtime, I love indulging in the warming mask for an afternoon nap. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about that, to be honest.

Onto the Travel Pillow (£60), which is an innovative number complete with cooling Simbatex open cell foam to fully support your neck. Plus, this airflow technology ensures heat is transferred away so you can keep your cool. Light enough to niftily roll into its own case, the compact pillow is extremely useful for popping in your bag. I love taking a pillow on trips but am always put off by how tricky they are to transport. From preferring your own pillow while away (but not fancying bulky luggage) to requiring comfort on a flight, this versatile buy is an excellent travel buddy.

Maximise comfort, at home and on the go, exploring these outstanding new Simba launches.

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