Nutritional Therapy with Jackie Lynch

Evolve Exterior Kick start your health this year with Jackie Lynch’s Nutritional Therapy.

The majority of us spend a good deal of our time feeling less than 100%, and as a mum with young children this can sometimes make life that little bit more difficult to deal with. So, if you are looking for something to help you make the most of your health so that you can truly enjoy the time spent with your little ones, then we think we’ve found just the answer in the shape of nutritionist Jackie Lynch.

Jackie, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, works with a range of various health conditions – from tackling chronic illnesses, to using nutrition as a precautionary measure against future illness and to enhance general wellbeing. Jackie’s method – a combination of scientific-based knowledge and expertise in nutrition, helps her clients accomplish the very best results. Whether you want to lose that stubborn baby weight, tackle suspected food intolerance, or simply achieve more energy, Jackie’s tailor-made programme can help you.

Each session begins with Jackie talking you through the three-day food diary and an in-depth health questionnaire that you will have been asked to send over prior to the session. She will then talk at length about your symptoms, where they may have originated, and how and why they might be presenting themselves.

Jackie’s whole premise is that she wants you to achieve good health, and for the journey there to be as enjoyable as possible. She offers plenty of realistic suggestions and her list of dietary tweaks and suggested supplements are made specifically to fit into your already hectic lifestyle.

For best results it’s recommended that you schedule a couple of consultations several months apart. Her hands on approach means Jackie likes to observe any changes over time, so that she is free to make further adjustments for the best results. As an added touch, she makes it clear that she’s always on hand for a quick phone call should you need it.

Jackie Lynch’s WellWellWell Nutritional Therapy programme will provide you with the tools needed in order to improve your health and wellbeing – leaving you and your little ones ready to face a happier and healthier future together. Could you ask for more?

Jackie is available for consultations at: The Evolve Wellness Centre, located in the heart of bustling Kensington.

An Initial Consultation (1 hr) is priced at  £90 and any Follow-up Consultation (45 mins) are priced at £75.

Visit her for more information. 

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