Infared Iyashi Dome

Infared domeStyleNest reviewed the latest fast busting treatment that’s taking the beauty world by storm, the Infared Iyashi Domes.

Have you ever longed for an easy way to shift those stubborn pounds? Well, the Infared Domes could be the solution for you. The latest technology to come from Japan, just one session in the dome burns up to 600 calories.

For generations the Japanese have been frequenting beaches in geothermal locations, burying themselves in the mineral-rich sand and sweating out all their toxins. From this the idea was developed to create a dome which imitates this effect. The domes emit infrared rays to raise the body’s core temperature, thus producing a deep detoxifying sweat on a cellular level.

How does it work?

The technology of the unique black carbon dome gradually heats up the body by emitting vibrations of far-infrared rays that are in line with the infrared naturally produced within the body.

Not only does it burn calories but with every half hour session the heat penetrates up to 40 mm under the skin to purify, cleanse and reduce cellulite.

More than just weight loss the domes are a top-to-toe detox treatment.

Is it uncomfortable?

The head remains uncovered during this process whilst the dome cocoons the rest of the body for a purifying, regenerating and slimming treatment. This will not only help to cool you but makes the heat much more tolerable. The experience is far more relaxing than first anticipated and feels somewhat similar to sunbathing (think Morocco in August). Your therapist will adjust the temperature throughout your treatment but will ever take it hotter than you can tolerate.

What are the results?

For best results the treatment is most effective as part of a detox regime. Over a course of 10 – 15 treatments you can expect to lose between 7-14lbs.

You will notice smoother, clearer,brighter skin as well as weight loss and a reduction in cellulite.

Prices start from £24 for one session. For more information please visit

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