How To Smell Great For A Date

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There’s no doubt that smelling good helps to boost your confidence and personality. These two qualities come in quite handy on a date night. You want to feel confident, in control and beautiful on your date night. In other words, you want to be the best version of yourself. So, below you will find common tips and tricks to leave smelling great on a date so you can enjoy the occasion.

Maintain Hygiene

Ensure that you take a shower right before you head out for a date. Doing so leaves you clean and refreshed for the occasion. In addition, having clean skin helps to effectively absorb your perfume. As an added tip, use soap that is infused with natural oils to help bring out your natural aroma. After taking a shower, towel your skin and moisturize it.

Then, apply your perfume immediately before dressing up to ensure the fragrance is effectively absorbed.

Applying deodorant or antiperspirant also goes a long way to counter sweating. Opt for a non-fragranced deodorant or antiperspirant to tackle and prevent sweat. This ensures that the deodorant and antiperspirant doesn’t interfere with your perfume fragrance.

You should also incorporate a skincare regimen. Use a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser on your face. This also helps to keep the face clean and pores breathable, which ultimately helps to complement your smell.

For men, use fragrant aftershave. There’s nothing as attractive for a woman than a man that smells good. So adding light aftershave with subtle fragrance goes a long way to complement your smell. Opt for options such as spicy, woody or aquatic scents. 

Maintain Oral Hygiene

In addition to body hygiene, you must also maintain oral hygiene. Before your date, brush your teeth! Also, invest in products such as dental floss and mouthwash to complement your brushing. The keyword is “complement”. These products should not replace the brushing process but rather complement it. Use teeth whitener to also leave your teeth white and clean.

For long term results, its good practice to visit your dentist at least every 3 to 6 months to ensure your oral hygiene and health are on point. Keep a mouth spray or gum in your purse, to refresh your breath after eating. In addition, you should also watch what you eat. Avoid food items such as onions and garlic that can significantly affect your breath.

Go For longer Lasting Perfume

When you are going out on a date, it is time to break out your parfum or Eau de parfum. These types of perfumes tend to boast a higher fragrance oil concentration compared to other types such as eau de toilette or Eau de fraiche.

Consequently, this means that they will last longer. Parfum boasts between 20 to 25% fragrance oil concentration. Eau de parfum on the other end boasts a concentration of 15 to 20% fragrance oil concentration. Parfum will last you up to 24hours whilst Eau de parfum will last you up to 8 hours.

When you are applying perfume, apply it on your bare skin and not on your clothing. Contrary to the belief, if you apply it to your clothing, it will not last long. In fact, doing so will accelerate its dissipation. This is because your clothing is relatively lighter than your skin. You should apply your perfume directly on your skin. 

Apply it on pressure points for maximum effectiveness. Pressure points include areas such as your neck, inner wrist, and inner elbow. For added effectiveness, apply a tiny dab of Vaseline before applying the perfume. Doing so allows your skin to easily absorb the fragrance and to prevent it from evaporating quicker.

If you can’t find the right perfume, you can always look up and research perfume options that are known to last longer. In addition to perfume types, the fragrance scent also matters. As mentioned above, for men, fragrance scents with woody, spicy, oriental and aquatic scents are an ideal choice. For women, go for scents that compliment your femininity. Opt for fragrance notes such as floral and fruity scents.

Find Out Their Favourite Smells

If you can do so without coming off as a weirdo, it also helps to find out your partner’s favourite scents. This helps you to choose a fragrance that closely matches what they like.  This is an excellent way to draw their affinity to you. The same applies to fragrances and smells they don’t like.

If someone doesn’t like the smell of oranges (if such people exist), for example, then, you should avoid wearing perfume with notes of citrus. In addition, you should also consider human nature. As much as you want to impress your partner and turn heads in the process, you also don’t want to overdo it.

It’s one thing to turn head around because you smell good, but you can still turn heads for the wrong reasons such as sporting overpowering fragrances that attract unwanted attention. So you probably don’t want to be experimenting with new scents on a date. You should also make it a point to avoid wild scents or your crazy fragrance preferences.

Use Fragrances Elsewhere

Maximise the use of your fragrance to ensure that scent is subtle enough and lasts longer. Spray a whiff of perfume on your hairbrush, let it dry for a few seconds then, run it through your hair. Doing so will leave a pleasant lingering scent on your hair to help complement your perfume.

Imagine walking side by side or side across from each other in the outdoors, when the wind blows, your partner will certainly catch a whiff of your pleasant feminine smell. you can also add a few drops of your perfume to unscented lotion. Applying the lotion will also leave the lingering scent on your skin for a longer period.

Love The Scent

To fully enjoy your fragrance, it can’t be one-sided. You can’t just wear a certain fragrance to just impress your partner. You must also like the scent to really enjoy it. Appreciating a certain scent is highly affected by our brain. So you will only think and appreciate a certain fragrance if your brain is attracted to it. Otherwise, you will spend all night feeling uncomfortable and thinking that you don’t smell good.

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