How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Kids Birthday Party

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Throwing your kid a party is a great way to celebrate their birthday and create lots of fun family memories. However, birthday parties can quickly add up when you factor in venue costs, food, drink, and entertainment. Luckily, there are lots of ways to cut costs and throw a memorable party, regardless of your budget. With this in mind, here are some useful tips on how to plan a budget-friendly kid’s birthday party.

Host the Party at Home

Hiring a venue is often expensive, but you can easily save on your budget by hosting your kid’s birthday party at home. If the weather is expected to be nice, then set up some furniture and tables in the garden so the kids can have fun playing outdoors. If you choose to host the birthday party at home, then be sure to store any breakable items or valuables securely to keep them safe. If you don’t have the space to host the party at your home, then the park is another low-cost venue option which can be perfect during warm summer months.

Local parks are great budget-friendly birthday party locations as they don’t usually require an admission fee to use the space for the day. Many parks also have play areas and other forms of kids’ entertainment which you can use for free. Check whether you are allowed to set up a BBQ or take along a picnic and decorations to create a party atmosphere.

Take Advantage of Discount Codes

There is a huge variety of discount vouchers available online that can help you cut costs when planning a kids birthday party. This includes discounts on party decorations, food items, cakes, and birthday presents. For instance, you can use Argos Discount codes to save significant amounts of cash on your kid’s birthday presents, along with other essentials for your party planning. Make sure you check popular voucher sites to search for any discount codes that could save you money when planning your kid’s party. Many sites simply require an email to get the vouchers and gain access to amazing discounts.

Provide Your Own Food

Food is another potentially expensive element of planning a kid’s birthday party. Hiring a caterer can make the party less stressful, as you don’t need to worry about preparing and cooking the food, plus you won’t have to wash up afterwards. However, you can save huge amounts of money by cooking your own food to serve at the party. Try to think of a few simple food items and recipes that will satisfy kids’ taste buds.

According to, some of the best kid-friendly party foods include sausage rolls, mini pizzas, finger sandwiches, fruit skewers, and cupcakes. If you have any family members or friends who bake, then ask if they would be happy to make a cake for the party. This means you can avoid splashing out on an expensive professional birthday cake.

Throwing a memorable birthday party doesn’t have to be expensive. Use the above tips to plan the perfect birthday party for your kid, no matter what your budget is!

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