Gifts While Dating: The Do’s & Don’ts

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Gifting during a relationship, whether you’re just starting to flirt with each other or are full-blown involved, is always a welcomed gesture. Spontaneous gifts are always a great way to show a loved one that you care and appreciate them.

But not all gifts work for every person when it comes to dating.

Your SO’s tastes might be very different from what you think, and in other cases, it’s not about the taste but the timing. There are several “dos and don’ts” when it comes to gifting someone you’re already dating.

Let’s break these down below.

Gifts While Dating: The Do’s 

1. Pay Attention to the Recipient’s Hints

Do you see that the significant other has expressed a specific interest in an expensive watch, pair of sneakers, or a particular type of candy? It might be a good time to gift them some of those items.

It’s a good way to ensure you pick a gift that they’ll really appreciate and are going to use.

If you want to send them flowers, for instance, you’ll just need to dig in a little deeper and determine which blooms would best impress your date. Then you can use a service like Bouqs flower delivery to send them to your significant other’s workplace, home, or even the date venue.

2. Do Consider Appropriate Gifts

It’s also great to consider the appropriateness of the gift you’re about to send. If it’s Christmas, for instance, you don’t want to get them something for Valentine’s Day.

The same case applies to other holidays and special events like birthdays or graduation. There are different kinds of gift items for every occasion or celebration.

3. Ensure Proper Timing

It’s not always the perfect time to gift someone. Sometimes it’s better to wait until the person expresses interest or you’ve been dating for a longer period. Moreover, it’s good to think about the best time to present the gift depending on how well you know each other.

4. Do Make It a Surprise

When dating, the element of surprise comes in handy. Many recipients tend to be fancied by surprise gifts, but it doesn’t hurt to give him or her a hint or two to keep them excited. 

Blindfolds are often common among dates when presenting gifts to their significant others or future lovers.

Gifts While Dating: The Don’ts 

1. Don’t Make It About You 

If you’re sending the gift just to feel good that you impressed him or her, you might want to think twice. Bragging about a gift you sent to your date is a terrible idea. It makes you feel small, and your date might actually be turned off by that!

2. Don’t Spend So Much Money on a Gift 

While some people tend to enjoy flashy and expensive items or gestures, romantic gifts don’t always have to be extravagant. It’s not the best thing to present someone a gift with a price tag so high that they’re almost embarrassed to accept it.

You might want to think of something smaller or less expensive, especially if you’re in the early stages of dating.

3. Don’t Assume Anything 

It’s important to show your date respect and do your research before making a gift purchase. Don’t just assume they’ll like a certain gift. If they express disinterest, consider not gifting it.

4. Don’t Give Your Relationship Status Up Too Soon

It’s important not to drop the bomb that you’re in a relationship by giving a gift, especially if your date isn’t yet on the same page. They might feel uncomfortable about it and then end the date right away!

There are a lot of ways to do things wrong but many ways to do them right when gifting someone you are dating. Hopefully, these dos and don’ts will help you in finding the perfect way to gift your date and impress them in the process.

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