Colonic Hydrotherapy at Parkland Health Clinic

woman on beachThere is much debate surrounding colonic hydrotherapy so Stylenest decided to put this simple procedure to the test. Here we find out some of the facts behind the treatment and its benefits.  

There are obvious issues that many people have with colonic irrigation that can raise fear and embarrassment, so it’s important to feel completely at ease and in good hands before having the treatment. At Parkland Health Clinic, the therapist will sit you down before the procedure takes place, take you through what the procedure involves and will then answer any questions that you may have concerning the colonic.

During the initial consultation, the therapist informed us that a colonic is perfect for new mums who are breastfeeding as it helps to remove toxins that might otherwise be passed on to the baby through the breast milk. It does this through a form of colon cleansing and the process involves infusing warm filtered water into the rectum. Colonics are also said to be a great way of easing the common problem of bloating by improving muscle tone in the colon. This increases the frequency of bowel movements and subsequently helps with the bloating.

The procedure lasts about 40 minutes, during which time the therapist guides you through what is happening at each stage. The water pressure is altered throughout and at some points you will experience a cramping feeling as the amount of water infused increases. Do not be alarmed by this, as the therapist instructs you to say when the cramp becomes too much and the water is released. At the same time the therapist massages your abdomen to  help release waste in different areas of the intestine.

If you would feel more comfortable with a female therapist, express this when booking you consultation as the clinic has both male and female therapists. Whoever your therapist, they will do their upmost to make you feel at ease and have total regard and respect for your modesty.

After the procedure, we did feel some mild discomfort and bloating but this is completely normal. This past in a few days, but if you really want to make the most of the treatment it is advised that you continue with a course of three sessions over seven days. This will kick start a mini detox, and get you on your way to feeling in much better health.

A course of three treatments taken over seven days is priced at £199. For more information visit

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