BXR Form & Focus

Whenever I have tried to “lift” at the gym, I’ve always felt a bit… judged. Judged I’m not lifting heavy enough weights, judged I have poor form, judged that I am pulling faces like a gremlin and grunting. Quite literally, my lifting weights experience has been a bag of weighty judgment.

So, when I booked in to BXR’s new Form & Focus class, a 60-minute session designed to develop your weight lifting strength, technique and range of motion, I felt like judgment round II was on its way. But quite literally, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

The class, designed by BXR’s Creative Director James Pisano, is thorough, knee wobblingly enjoyable, and most importantly to me, accessible for all. The workout structure means you are split into teams of three. Whilst one of us is in full weight action, the other is helping on form, counting your reps and being your kick ass cheerleader, whilst the third musketeer is warming up. Not only does this mean you are kept in check, both in method and rep, but it inspires a team camaraderie, which keeps you motivated and empowered.

The instructor circles the room, upping your kg’s and correcting your form…with an occasional high five to get you smiling through that final twelfth iron pump.

After you’ve completed the circuit you are treated with a well-deserved stretch-sesh that is very much needed. It was not an elegant moment trying to unwind from my Pidgeon pose stretch after so many squats. However, I leave feeling educated on form and reps, and exceptionally proud of the fact that I could hip thrust over half of my body weight… those hips were made for something!

BXR’s Form & Focus will leave you feeling accomplished, educated and above all inspired to take your new-found skills to the gym floor, sans judgement!

All classes are under one hour and are priced at £6 as part of a monthly Sweat Membership. For more information visit bxrlondon.com or book via the BXR app.

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