4 ways to look younger and boost your confidence

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As we get older, our bodies undergo many changes. Alterations to our metabolism can make it harder to maintain weight, and reduction in collagen and elastin production can make our faces age. For many, this can have a significant detrimental effect on confidence levels, and in some cases, create body negativity.

If this describes you then don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do to help. Here are 4 ways to look younger and boost your confidence.

Using CBD oil as part of your daily beauty routine

Taking care of your skin is important regardless of your age. Whilst drinking adequate amounts of water and using daily moisturisers are essential, the use of CBD oil is also becoming increasingly popular. This is partly due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties such as Omegas 3 & 6. We spoke to ULU, a CBD supplier based in the UK, who advised that these fatty acids assist with the production of collagen. This is partly why CBD can make skin feel tighter and healthier.

CBD in liquid form is administered by simply popping a few drops on the tongue. Many strains are also available in capsule form for those who prefer this method of use. Alternatively, you can use CBD skincare products designed to be applied directly to the skin to maintain a healthy and youthful glow.

Revamp your wardrobe

Many people think that once they reach a certain age, their wardrobe should consist of conservative clothes in a multitude of muted tones. That is not the case at all. If you want to look younger, choose items that make you feel confident. If you are unsure on the clothes which might best suit your body shape, go online and do some research or visit your local department store and have a personal shopper assist you.

Wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel good could really turn the clock back. After all, you’re only as young as you feel!

Get a new hairstyle

If you have been rocking the same hairstyle for many years and fancy a bit of a change, a new style is a great way to make you feel more youthful. There are many gorgeous hairstyles these days to suit all age groups and face shapes.

If you want to see what you might look like in advance, there are lots of hairstyling apps around – just upload your photo and try different styles until you find one that suits you. Even if you decide not to change your style completely, a good cut can make your hair look healthier and in far better condition.

Relieve stress through mindfulness

Of course, feeling younger doesn’t just have to come from purely cosmetic activities. Working on managing your daily stress levels can leave you feeling more energised and confident .

Mindfulness activities such as meditation or yoga can train your mind to deal with unwanted stress and negativity. This can help you to feel far less stressed in day-to-day life, helping to keep your body and your mind functioning well.

As chronic stress is directly linked to signs of ageing, finding ways to manage your stress levels will also help you to keep wrinkles and tired skin at bay.

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