3 Reasons Why CBD-Infused Clothing is the Next Big Thing

Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska via www.pexels.com

CBD is the next big thing. If you don’t believe me, ask the 40% of millennials who claim to have taken it. Like avocado, ginger, and kale, it’s being touted as the next massive health craze.

This didn’t just come out of nowhere. The benefits of CBD are well explored by science. They include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced anxiety levels
  • Improved cognitive faculties
  • Alleviation of cancer symptoms
  • Improved cardiovascular health

In the coming years, people will try any way they can to get this miracle substance into their body. One perhaps surprising method is by wearing CBD-infused clothing. It’s a complicated and expensive process but there are serious attempts to make CBD-infused outfits a mainstream part of the fashion industry.

Sounds crazy? Here are three reasons why CBD is the next big fashion trend.

1) CBD-Infused Clothing Aids Sleep

The sleep benefits of CBD are well known so fashion brands are bound to look into the option of using CBD-infused sleepwear. This could help you to awake feeling refreshed and well-rested. With the growth of sleep cycle apps and a growing public concern for wellness, CBD-infused pajamas are just taking this trend to the next level. Most people feel they lack energy during the day so the public is bound to welcome an effective and easy solution. Bedding, too, could become infused with CBD so that your skin will absorb it as you sleep. Perfect for those hot summer nights when you’d rather sleep naked.

2) CBD Can Ease the Pain of Exercise

Activewear companies like Acabada ProActiveWear have already started experimenting with infusing sports clothing with CBD. Since CBD is known to offer pain relief, it makes sense to incorporate it into the manufacture of activewear. As you exercise, aches and pains can make it more difficult to reach your limit. The gently soothing effects of CBD may be one way to keep you feeling great and therefore exercising for longer. This could be the difference between you completing that marathon and dropping out.

3) Researchers are Predicting Big Things

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the world of CBD. Described by some as “the next gold rush”, the CBD industry is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2022. That makes the demand for CBD even higher than the demand for marijuana. Although still a legal grey area, the benefits of CBD can hardly be overstated. Users swear by its ability to alleviate crippling mental conditions like anxiety as well as reducing the spread of cancer cells. It’s no wonder that people will want this stuff in their clothes.

CBD in clothing does sound a bit mad but it’s a legitimate method being tried by fashion brands. Though it’s currently expensive, the price is bound to reduce over time. As methods for infusing clothes with CBD become more efficient, you may see CBD-infused clothes in high street fashion stores. If CBD-infusion is truly as great as proponents claim, then maybe everyone in the future will be wearing it!

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