The History of Rings

There has been a massive change in style when it comes to rings, we will go through styles have changed in each era. We will go through era’s such as Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. I will also go through different styles of rings such as Art deco rings, Art Nouveau rings and Retro rings. All of this information has been brought to you from Berganza, also please see the infographic on the history of rings to take you through a bit more detail on exactly how ring styles have changed throughout the years.

Firstly, Georgian rings, this period highlights the evolution of the diamond cut. Diamonds were set in silver settings all helping to glitter and sparkle in the low light of candles. Wealth was very limited in the Georgian period; this means that jewellery from this period is extremely rare. Next is Victorian rings, as ruler of an empire, Queen Victoria’s taste in jewellery influenced the whole world. Mourning jewellery became very popular during the time after the death of Prince Albert with enamelled rings and lockets reminding the wearer of a lost loved one. Edwardian was also a very influential era for jewellery, often referred as the pretty period of jewellery they had a range of different styles such as delicate, floral and intricate. The metal is extremely strong and allowed elegant designs to be created using complex, dainty lattice work set throughout with diamonds.

Next is Art Deco rings, clean lines, geometric influences and bold colours were used to create pieces which had a statement. Popular baguette cut diamonds and calibre cut gemstones were often set in panels or architecture inspired designs for maximum visual impact. Finally, Retro rings, vibrant, joyful retro rings show the cocktail period. Yellow gold had again become popular, large gemstones and bold designs adorned the fingers of the stars of the silver screen with Hollywood actresses influencing the public. Please see the infographic below for a more in-depth look at rings from each period and just how they influenced the style of today.

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