The best housewarming gifts

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Regardless of whether someone has bought their first property or is moving into a room in a shared flat, a well-chosen gift can help them feel that a house is becoming a home – somewhere they can relax and be themselves. The move might be accompanied by a giant party or might be a more private affair but either way, providing a present to mark the occasion will show that you understand the importance of the event.

In the neighbourhood

The best gifts are not always tangible ones. As moving into a new home usually means moving into a new area, why not help your friend or loved on to learn more about their surroundings. Many restaurants, fast food outlets and other local businesses have regular special offers for set meals or services, all of which can provide a well needed break from the rigours of unpacking. You could also expand on this idea by doing lots of research for them and identifying the nearest bars, restaurants, clubs and leisure facilities that they might want to check out.

Picture this

If the person moving into the new home is someone you have known for a long time or part of a wider group of friends, you could create a photo collage of past adventures that can be framed and hung onto a wall. Before you start, decide on a theme as this will make it far easier to work out which pictures to include and which ones to leave out. Try to choose photos that complement one another to make the online collage maker more appealing. Pay particular attention to the colours of the individual pictures and either arrange them in a deliberate pattern or in a way that ensures they do not clash with one another.

Gift cards

It may seem like cheating but a gift card can often be the most welcome of all presents. It is often only after you have been living in your new place for a few days or weeks that you discover what it is you need most. Rather than trying to predict their future needs, giving someone a gift card or voucher means they can go out and buy the right thing at a time they know they will definitely make use of it. If you decide to go down this route it’s best to ensure you buy a card for a store the person already visits on a regular basis to make sure your present doesn’t simply languish in a drawer until well past it’s expiry date.

Spice it up

Moving into a home of your own often provides the first opportunities to truly experiment when it comes to cooking. Newcomers might appreciate an easy-to-follow recipe book but for those with more advanced culinary skills, a full set of spices can be a wonderful gift. If you have ever been in a situation where you have everything you need for a particular meal bar one single spice, you’ll know just how welcome such a present could be.

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