Greeting cards with a difference: Whistlefish’s featured artists

There’s no denying that our lives are ruled by digital these days, which makes sending and receiving a greeting card even more special.

It’s all too easy to ping a message on social media, or via email, or text. This results in little notes being easily forgotten or lost in the abyss of cyberspace, and nobody wants that.

Instead, if you’re looking to send a message in a more impactful and heartfelt way, then a greeting card is the perfect way to do it. And, if you want to go even better than that, then an art card will really make a mark!

Get creative with art cards

Art cards? I hear you say! If you’re not familiar with the concept, these greeting cards showcase the designs of talented artists. In the Whistlefish range, you can choose from seaside scenes to sheep on the tube, as well as florals and funnies. Basically, there’s an art card for every occasion or sentiment, and to suit each and every loved one. (Remember, they’re not only designed for art lovers.)

To inspire you in your new-found quest to pick the right art card, here are some of the unique and wonderful artists featured by Whistlefish.

Hannah Cole

Hannah Cole paints effortlessly tranquil scenes, inspired by the Cornish coast where she grew up. Her paintings often feature lovely little sea dogs, and pretty little boats in the harbour. You’ll also find other sea-themed subjects, such as VW campervans, beach huts and sunbathers.

If these cards don’t inspire a trip to the coast, then I don’t know what will!

Blue Camper, by Hannah Cole

James Bartholomew

James Bartholomew has gathered quite the collection of awards for his completely unique style of painting. He uses bold splashes of colour to frame his subjects – which are often animals most commonly found on farms!

Great for sending a simple hello, these cards are sure to make your loved one smile as much as the face on the front cover.

Cledus Pig, by James Bartholomew

Gerry Plumb

If it’s a humorous card you’re after, then Gerry Plumb’s your man. He paints bright and eye-catching comedy scenes with a clever punchline. Often combining people and animals, you can’t help but giggle at this light-hearted silliness.

These cards are ideal for someone with a sense of humour, and you may even find a scenario that mirrors their very own life! (Many of us have fallen victim to a muddy and excitable pup…)

Lap Dancer, by Gerry Plumb

Clair Rossiter

Clair Rossiter is an illustrator, and mainly works with colouring pencils, ink and gouache, before finishing her work digitally. Her signature subjects include map making, whereby she details intricate features in and around coastal villages and towns, or even whole countries. Her whimsical pictures include everything from lighthouses and landmarks, to boats and seagulls circling the coastline.

These cards are ideal for anyone who has a particular affection for an area, or even as a little insight into somewhere new. Perhaps you’d like to take a special someone to that very spot, and a map card makes for the perfect invitation.

As you can see, art cards are hugely varied, meaning you can choose something to suit the person you have in mind, as well as the unique message you want to send. Nothing says ‘I’m thinking of you’ like a carefully-chosen card packed full of sentiment, and art cards really do go the extra mile!

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